Level Restrictions Eased

The Canarian government has eased some of the Covid restrictions on our “level” system. Islands in Level 3 (Gran Canaria and Tenerife currently) have their curfew starting at 2300 now (It was 2200) and travel between islands in level 3 is now possible with a PCR or antigen test. Lanzarote is currently in level 2, so is unaffected, but it does make it possible for us now to travel to Gran Canaria or Tenerife with a test.

Lanzarote Remains In Level 2

At the weekly update this week, it was announced that Lanzarote would remain in level 2 until at least 29th April. Here’s full information on what Level 2 means.

British Resident Leaves ICU After 105 Days

A British resident of the island, Patricia (Pat) Jude, finally left the ICU in Arrecife this week after battling Covid since 6th January. Pat spent much of the time in a coma and on a ventilator, and she was clapped out of the intensive care unit by hospital workers.

First Janssen Vaccines Arrive

The Janssen vaccine has arrived in the Canaries, with the first 6,000 doses of the one dose vaccine already available. Lanzarote is at almost 10% of the target population fully vaccinated with two doses and the new one shot vaccine should help in the objective of reaching 70% of the target population by summer.

Secretary Of State For Tourism Visits Puerto del Carmen

Spain’s secretary of state for tourism, Fernando Valdés visited Puerto del Carmen this week, accompanied by the President of The Cabildo and the Mayor of Puerto del Carmen. He was on the island to attend a tourism conference at Jameos del Agua.

Wine Harvest Expected To be High Quality

Wien makers are already predicting a good quality of wine this year from Lanzarote, based on the flowering, which is taking place currently.

Ryanair Crew Dismissals Were “Fraudulent”

The National Court has ruled that Ryanair’s agency Crewlink must hire back the 22 workers in The Canaries who were sacked when the airline closed their bases here, and give them back pay to their dates of dismissal. The Court statement went on to say: “Ryanair’s way of treating its workers, which is “humiliating, unworthy and unacceptable” in a sector such as aviation where safety must prevail.”

Buses Back To Full Capacity

The island’s bus service has returned to full capacity for the first time since March last year. Passengers will be able to use all seats on the buses, with no standing, but will have to continue to wear masks, and are encouraged to separate from others where possible. Buses will continue to be disinfected regularly.

French Tourism Number One In 2021

Just over 21,000 international travellers have come to Lanzarote so far this year. Over 40% of them came from France, and nearly 30% from Germany. Other countries in the list, in order, were Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Poland.

Zara Campaign Shot In Lanzarote

Zara’s new European TV commercial, featuring clothes in bright and vibrant colours, was shot at Timanfaya in Lanzarote.

Arrecife To Purchase Unfinished Homes For Families In Need

Arrecife ayuntamiento has ear marked funds to purchase 14 unfinished properties in the town, in order to finish the work and then use them to offer social housing for families in need of accommodation.

Explosive Made Safe at Secret Garden

An old artillery shell, that was still live and lethal, was discovered by a visitor at the secret garden near Playa Quemada. Police called in explosives experts who safely detonated the device. Here’s more information about the secret garden.

New Asador de Pollos Opens In Puerto del Carmen

A new chicken shop has opened opposite Fariones sports centre in Puerto del Carmen. Asadores de pollo shops are the staple takeaway in Spain – our equivalent of a fish and chip shop. They sell spot roasted chickens, served with fired potatoes in a delicious sauce, as well as other take away food. The new one is open from Wednesday until Sunday between 1000 and 1800.

Tacande Buys A 297 Kilo Bluefin Tuna

Haria’s leading restaurant, Tacande, has bought a line caught bluefin tuna, which should yield 180 kilos for use in various dishes. Owner Victor José Betancort said that tuna is like pork, in that it has so many uses. The restaurant will use the tuna in many dishes, from tartare, to marinades and grilled tuna steaks.

Eurofighter Jets In Lanzarote

Eurofighters from the Spanish Air Force’s 11th wing arrived in Lanzarote at the weekend. They are taking part in an air defence exercise called Eagle Eye. As part of the same exercise, we have around 2,000 army troops on the island currently.

Here’s some video:

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