Wingfoil World Cup Confirmed For Lanzarote

The Wingfoil World Cup will take place in Lanzarote from 6th to 10th July. The event will run in Costa Teguise and will bring the world’s best riders to the island. Wingfoil fuses kite and windsurfing and competitors score points for tricks as well as for being the fastest through a slalom course.

Man Drowns At Playa Dorada

A 62 year old foreigner died in Playa Blanca on Thursday afternoon at Playa Dorada. He was pulled from the water by lifeguards and emergency services did their best to revive him.

Colony Club Owners Awarded €2.3 Million

The long running court case between the community of owners of Colony Club and Tias town hall has finally come to an end with an award to the community of €2.3 million. This is compensation for their loss of sea view after the council granted a licence for Aparthotel Fariones. The case has been running for 29 years.

Drug Arrest

National police officers arrested a man at the airport this week, and found 3 kg of cocaine in 260 capsules on him. He had come in from Portugal via Madrid.

Old Oriental Hotel Building Will Be Saved

The old Oriental Hotel building in Arrecife’s Calle Real, has been declared a building of historical interest, and will now be restored, maintaining the original facade.

Another Airport Record

Lanzarote’s airport welcomed a total of 89 flights, excluding inter island flights, on Saturday. This is the limit of operations for Lanzarote airport currently. 15 flights arrived from UK, and the rest were all from EU countries.

603 Flights Per Week Expected

Lanzarote will welcome 603 flights per week between now and October, with 323 being from within Spain and 158 per week from UK.

Costa Teguise Sun Beds

An agreement has been reached with the previous operator of the sun bed concession for Costa Teguise beaches, who will pay an annual fee of €296,000 per year for four years and will be required to employ at least 16 staff to run things. There isn’t a date yet when we can expect to see the sun beds, which have been missing since before the pandemic, back on the sand, but it’s hoped that it will be soon.

Road Traffic Fines And Points Deductions Increased

Holding a mobile phone while driving, throwing rubbish or cigarette ends out of a moving car, and failing to give cyclists at least 1.5 metres of space when overtaking, all now carry fines of up to €500 and the deduction is 6 points from licences.

Water Loss “A Disaster”

Water company Canal Gestation’s report revealing that up to 61% of the water produced by the desalination plant is being lost through leaks and fraud, has been described as a disaster. Most of Lanzarote 1500 KM network of pipes are 30 years or more old, and the company will be investing €20 million in a bid to renew as many as possible.

Lanzarote Emergency Services Send Equipment To Ukraine

Lanzarote’s emergency service have sent firefighting and first aid equipment to Ukraine to help with the humanitarian crisis following the Russian invasion.

Local Covid Restrictions End

Covid restrictions end this week for The Canary Islands, meaning businesses can go back to 100% capacity, dancing in clubs can resume and sports events can run as normal.

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