Lanzarote Local Brings Back Hispano Suiza Name

Hispano Suiza was Spain’s luxury car brand best known for their pre second world war luxury cars. They are making a comeback soon with a luxury all electric car called Carmen. The car features total control through a mobile app designed by a company called World Wide Mobility, whose CEO is Emilio Mellado Arbelo, a Lanzaroteño.

The car is pictured above at The Geneva Motor Show.

Long Term Rentals – New Safeguards For Tenants

A new government decree has set out tighter regulations to protect long term rental tenants. New contracts will extend tenancies to five years, and limit rent increases to the consumer price index. Any evictions must first go through the social services department.

César Y Yo

A campaign to collect images of César Manrique as part of his 100th birthday celebrations, has launched. Called César yo yo, or César and me, people with images of themselves with Manrique are asked to email them to and they will be displayed on the website Memorias de Lanzarote.

Stratvs Shop Reopens

The shop at Bodega Stravs has reopened after being closed and locked for several years pending various court cases into the legality of the property. No permission has been granted for the reopening, and the ayuntamiento are currently taking legal advice.

Tourist Arrested For Using Counterfeit Pound Notes

A tourist was arrested by Guardia Civil in Costa Teguise. The 36 year old, identified with the initials JB, tried to pay a hotel bill with British £20 notes. The hotel staff contacted the police who determined that he may be the counterfeiter, rather than an unwitting recipient of the fake notes.

Jellyfish In Playa Blanca

The town beach on Playa Blanca was closed on Wednesday this week due to the presence of Portuguese Men of War. Some 30 specimens were found by the emergency services. Other beaches in the south of the island have also been affected. Tourists are being asked to obey the red flags.

Montaña Roja Stone Graffiti Condemned

Images of stones rearranged on Montaña Roja in Playa Blanca have circulated on Facebook this week. Stones have been used to spell out names of people and football teams, picon has been brought into the area to spell out the words “Luton Town” and a memorial plaque under a pile of stones has even been placed in the area. The vandalism was condemned by The Telesforo Bravo Juan Coello Foundation. As well as creating an eyesore, the movement of stones and the introduction of picon can potential cause huge problems for local wildlife and drainage in the biosphere reserve.

Range Rover Stolen From UK Found In Lanzarote

Police investigating a garage in Arrecife thought to be operating without a licence, discovered a Range Rover in the workshop which appears to have been stolen in the UK. Four people were arrested.



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