Lanzarote In Numbers – 2021

The annual report, Lanzarote in numbers, is out and as always, we’ve pulled out the interesting parts from four of the main headings in it for you, and you can download your own full copy below.


  • Lanzarote’s population in 2021 was 156,289
  • 23% of the island’s resident population is foreign
  • 18% of the foreign population is British, 12% Colombian
  • 41% of the island’s population lives in Arrecife
  • The municipality with the smallest population us Haria, with just 3.4% of the total
  • The average number of tourists in the island each day in the year was 18,293


  • The average temperature was 21.4 degrees
  • The average humidity was 69%
  • It rained on 32 days during the year and a total of 92.6mm fell


  • The island finished the year with a total of 4620 businesses operating here
  • 85% are in the service sector, 8.6% in construction and 2% in agriculture
  • 48% of the cultivated land on the island is given to growing vines for wine
  • Just over 11,000 people were registered as unemployed at the end of the year


  • 1.18 million tourists visited the island in the year, compared to over 3 million pre pandemic
  • They paid an average of €91 per day for accommodation and food
  • They stayed for an average of 6.9 nights
  • 28% of visitors came from UK, 24% from mainland Spain, 13.75% from Germany and 6.9% from Ireland
  • Montañas del Fuego was the most visited attraction, closely followed by Jameos del Agua

You can read the full report here: Lanzarote en Cifras 2021.