Margaret Moloney

Interview With Margaret Moloney

The first time I heard Margaret sing, I was having dinner with some friends at Sassi’s Bar and Bistro in Puerto del Carmen sometime in 2019. Although I was engrossed in deep conversation catching with old friends, I couldn’t help but notice Margaret’s lovely voice. I distinctively remember giving her the thumbs up & a little thank you bowing on the way out, promising myself I had to find out who she was.

Fast forward to the Lanzarote Musicians Unite charity concert in May 2020 where I “bumped” into her again. I have listened to some of her songs since and my admiration for her passionate yet understated style has only grown with every performance I hear.

So here it is, my “artist profile” interview with her, so you can get to know her a bit better too.

Hi Margaret, what’s your name and where are you from originally?

My name is Margaret Moloney, I don’t have a stage name. I am from Cork, South of Ireland.

How long have you lived in Lanzarote?

I have lived in Lanzarote for over one year now, a year and four months to be precise ( at the time of print, October 2020 🙂 )

What brought you here in the first place?

I came to Lanzarote firstly because I wanted to live in a warmer climate but also for a change of direction in my life, I guess you could call it a leap of faith, it was a risk and something’s didn’t work out but, I am happy to be here a feel blessed to live and be a part of this beautiful island.

What do you like about Lanzarote?

This island has got a beautiful energy and when you take the time out to explore it, and see its beauty, the mountains, the beaches, the history, the people, and also the language, which I am every day trying to master and will continue trying every day. I will never master the speed in which the Canarians speak, but I enjoy learning the local words of friendly greetings, etc.

They do speak rather fast, alright. Fair play to you giving the language a fair go, though. What is your favourite place in the island?

I have many places that I love visiting, like up north I really like Arrieta. There is a little village further up called “Ye”, the village itself is tiny but I go there for the walk up to the “Volcán de la Corona”. I have been there many times now and it is such a spiritual place once you get to the top to see the Volcano, you feel the energy! But I just love Playa Quemada and walk there regularly it’s just fabulous.

Well, you seem to have explored the width and length of Lanzarote, well done! Tell us, how did you get started in the music scene?

When I arrived here on the island, I really didn’t know many people at all, I just had to trust that all would work out. It was then I came in contact with Geraldine Mc Fadden who owns Sassi’s Bar and Bistro in Old Town. She was willing to give me a chance so I got a gig there and also at The Aqua Suites, which I was so grateful for! It did take five months to research and to approach hotels, bars, etc. and also wedding planners, like Ann Leneghan who put me on her website. The wedding gigs were coming along nicely until Covid put a stop to that for the moment anyway.

Funnily enough it was Sassi’s where I first heard you sing! I didn’t know you do weddings gigs, too. Good to know! How would you describe your gigs and your music for someone who’s never heard you before?

I would describe myself as a versatile singer so if I like the sound of a particular song, I like to put my own interpretation to it but always honor the artist that wrote the lyrics of the song. I would sing anything from folk, pop, classics, musicals and many more. I also like to have fun on stage and interact with people as it’s all about entertainment and the people that are listening, it’s not about me. I have always believed that one song that I sing at a gig can take a person away from there woes and worries for that few minutes and I believe as an artist that this is a great gift that we have the privilege of sharing.

Who is your idol and/or inspiration?

My voice studies background is in Opera and Classical but I didn’t follow that road to becoming an Opera singer as I felt it was not my path, but the training has stood to me now and I’m grateful for that. That being said my inspiration has always been Maria Callas purely for the fact of her unbelievable heartfelt interpretation of song, she has always moved me with this great quality, and that is what song is about to stir emotions within you, it’s takes you on a journey.

Do you have any special projects coming up?

At present I don’t have any gigs due to the current situation but I always pop a song or two on my Margaret Moloney Facebook page or it is shared on the Lanzarote Musicians Unite group I don’t live stream right now but maybe I will soon just to keep the practice up, I’m a little shy when it comes to putting myself out on social media. But I am always ready to go for live gigs, with actual people sitting in front of me. So, I am available for gigs!!

Copy that! Tell us something your fans might not know yet about you.

I ran my own Pilates and Meditation Studio in Cork before I came here to Lanzarote and used to teach up to 10 classes a week and also private sessions. Therefore, after the Lockdown when things were so difficult with gigs, etc. I decided to start teaching here, too. I teach Pilates three mornings a week here in Puerto Del Carmen, you can find details on Vision Pilates Lanzarote Facebook page

Something people may not know about me is that my great love is horses. I worked with lots of troubled horses in my home in Ireland, I had my own rehabilitation yard where I naturally worked on the mind of the horse to gain their trust in humans again after being so mistreated.

You are a busy and interesting lady! Anything else you’d like to tell our readers?

My quote in life has always been “Include the excluded” 💓

What a lovely motto! Thank you very much for your time Margaret and best of luck in these uncertain times. I will certainly follow you to keep up to date with your musical endeavors for sure.

Note: Anyone interested in hiring Margaret for gigs, please contact her via her Facebook page, thank you.