Digital Green Certificate

Digital Green Certificate To Visit Lanzarote

The EU Digital Green Certificate has launched in Spain. The aim is to facilitate freedom of movement within the EU and without the need for self isolation or to present a test certificate.

All EU countries will be offering access to the app to their citizens in the coming weeks, with 1st July agreed for full implementation.

Spanish airports are already equipped to read the QR codes on arrival’s devices or paper copes of the QR code.

There will be two lanes on entry to Spanish ports and airports – one for those with the QR code on the Digital Green Certificate, which will enable them to scan themselves through, and another for those entering using vaccine or test certificates.

The Digital Green Certificate will show one of three things:

1/ That the subject has been fully vaccinated against Covid.

2/ That the subject has had a Covid test within the previous 72 hours.

3/ That the subject has had Covid within the preceding six months, which should confer immunity.

The EU Digital Green Certificate is available now to Canary Islands residents now. Visit this website. Follow the instructions.

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