Spain’s Head of Digital Health, Alfredo González, announced further details of how the EU’s digital green certificate will operate and allow travel within Europe.

Currently this is an EU initiative, but talks are on-going with countries outside the EU, including the UK, to encourage them to adopt the system.

The digital green certificate will take the form of an app, but printed copies of the QR code issued will be available for those who don’t use smart phones. It’s expected to be launched at the end of June.

It will show one of three things:

1/ That the subject has been fully vaccinated against Covid.

2/ That the subject has had a PCR test.

3/ That the subject has had Covid within the preceeding six months, which should confer immunity.

González went on to say that there is increasing evidence that vaccinations are effective in preventing transmission.

He said the objective is that people with the QR code will not require any quarantine period, and will not require any further testing to travel.

He went on to say that this is still in the early stages of planning, and would be subject to review, but that he hoped countries outside the EU would adopt similar measures and allow people who have been vaccinated to travel without requiring quarantine on their return home.

We’ll update here as more detail and information comes out.