Where do we get cheap flights from UK & Irleand?

We were curious to see which airports from the UK and Ireland provide cheap flights to Lanzarote. Of course, this can only ever be a snapshot in time – we checked a random set of dates, and then looked at the lowest priced return flights for two people. Move it by a day, and the answers will be different.


We used the dates 7th February, returning on 14th February and priced up return flights for two adults, without any extras.

Here’s what we found:

Cheap flights

What can we learn from this?

  • The average cost is £240, or £120 per person
  • The difference between the most expensive and the least is £205
  • On these dates, Scottish airports are more expensive than the average

Look at nearby options

Liverpool and Manchester are only 34 miles apart, and flying from Liverpool will save £109 on these dates.

With East Midlands versus Birmingham, you would save £131.

Think outside the box

On these dates, Glasgow is expensive, but how about this?

  • Fly from Glasgow to Luton – £100 return with Easyjet
  • Then fly from Luton to Lanzarote – £121 return with Easyjet
  • Total cost £221 – saving £105 versus a direct flight from Glasgow


As we said at the top, this is only a snapshot for specific dates, but it’s interesting to see the span of prices and also that the average price of a return cheap flight to Lanzarote for a passenger is £120. To put that into perspective, that’s less than the price of a return train ticket from London to Manchester, and is almost ten times the distance.

And when you consider that you can fly to Lanzarote and back for under £100 per person from three airports in the UK on the dates we selected – that’s amazing value for money!

You can calculate flight prices for your dates here: Lanzarote flights.