Reasons to come to lanzarote

8 Reasons To Come To Lanzarote Now

If you’re after late night drinking, crowded night clubs and bustling thoroughfares, then now isn’t a good time to visit the island. Maybe wait until later in the year. But get it booked now.

But, there is an opportunity to enjoy Lanzarote in a way you may never be able to again! If any or all of these float your boat, get booked now!

Loads of space on the beaches

Typically, on any given day in “normal” times, we’ll have 50,000 tourists on the island. Although our beaches never get crowded, that’s still a lot of people on the sand and in the water. Right now, the numbers are around 10% of that, so the beaches have got acres of space. Pick the right one, and you could even have it to yourself!

We took the photo above yesterday –  a super hot day on Las Cucharas beach and look at the space!

The hotels are quiet

For the same reason, most hotels are well under half their usual occupancy, so there’s no fight to get a drink or a sunbed, and the service you get will be fast and efficient. All the staff will have all the time you need from them.

No queues for the major attractions

The seven main attractions in Lanzarote are open for business, and there are no queues! Visit Mirador del Rio, Jameos del Agua, Cueva de los Verdes, The Fire Mountains, The Cactus Garden, Monumento Campesino or the contemporary art museum and enjoy them without having hoards of other people in the way.

You’ll get the best welcome ever

We love our visitors here in Lanzarote, and having missed you for so many months, we’re all keen to see you back, and promise to look after you even better than we have in the past. Every business on the island is looking forward to welcoming you back to Lanzarote, and will be grateful for the support you can give them after such difficult times.

The roads are blissful

The roads here never get really busy, but at the moment, they are lovely and quiet, making every journey a real pleasure.

The Covid risk is low

We’ve consistently has one of the lowest rates of infection in the world, and Lanzarote became completely Covid free on 22nd June. Since then, we’ve had a few new cases come in via an immigrant boat, but they were immediately isolated. We have strong protocols in place in the event that anyone with Covid comes in, and so far, they’re working well.

The weather is simply amazing

We’re in the middle of a full-on heatwave at the moment. Temperatures over the last few days have been in the mid 30’s and the ocean is warm and as clear as we’ve ever seen it.

There are some incredible deals at the moment

As airlines, tour operators and hotels seek to reach break-even numbers, there are some really keen deals available, if you are ready to pack and go. And we can offer up to £100 extra discount on Jet 2 holidays for two or more adults travelling together.

Finally………. hurry!

This isn’t going to last long. The marketing machinery is in full swing, more and more hotels are opening up and many people are booking holidays. Our guess is that this window of opportunity to see Lanzarote as you’ve never seen it before, will last another 4 to 6 weeks.

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