Wind toy

Manrique Wind Toys

You’ll find César Manriques “wind toys” all over the island. These are aiming to recapture the feel of the island when there were windmills everywhere.


Cochineal Beetles In Lanzarote

Cochineal dye and food colouring was once a staple industry of Lanzarote and the reason for the cactus fields in Guatiza. Here’s the story.

Finca de Uga

Finca De Uga

Finca de Uga is the high quality farm which produces food for many top restaurants on the island, including The Princesa Yaiza Hotel.

Bodega Vulcano

Bodega Vulcano de Lanzarote

We visited Bodega Vulcano, the boutique winery in Tias, to find out more about them and of course, to taste their excellent range of wines.