Artist Interview – Adriyana Hodge

Hello Adriyana. Where are you from? What brought you to Lanzarote and how long have you lived here? 

I was born in Croatia in 1974. I moved to South Africa at a break in the civil war in 1991. I left South Africa in 2012 for the UK. By the end of 2014 I moved to Lanzarote. Being used to hot South African weather, I couldn’t settle in the UK and I needed to live in a sunnier place. A single holiday to Lanzarote was life changing.

How did you become interested in art/ photography

I’ve always had an eye for photography but never planned to use it professionally. I was more used to being on the other side of the camera as a model. Then I got given a camera by a friend. After much experimentation and having taken and edited thousands of photos, I decided to do something more meaningful with photography.

Do you have formal qualifications? Or how did you become involved in your craft?

I did not study photography formally. I am self-taught and I learned a lot from the photographers that photographed me.

Tell us about your new exhibition of your work. Do you have a website, Instagram etc?

My first exhibition is scheduled to run from 30th July till 30th August in La Galeria in Teguise. It’s my first photo project, called Body Poetry. Each photograph has its own authentic poem, written by a local Spanish poet. The project will be published on my website on the 30th of July. Prints will also be available for purchase. The book Body Poetry is already available for sale at €10, directly from me, my friends and my models. It will also be available at La Galeria during the exhibition. Snippets of the project are available on my Instagram account @adriyanasmemoirs_bodypoetry, and all my previous work is available on Instagram @adriyanasmemoirs.

That is fantastic news. There haven’t been many art exhibitions in the last 14 months, I really look forward to visiting. Are you working on any other projects at the moment?

Yes. I’m working on a Body Poetry sequence 2 and 3 and I’m also working and another 3 projects simultaneously. I never run out of ideas, and photography is allowing me the freedom to express them.

How has the Spanish state of emergency for Covid affected you and how you work?

I was in a lockdown for 6 months in South Africa from March 2020 (a 3-week holiday that turned into 6 months). Whilst there I started advertising photography as a way of earning money and surviving. It was successful enough that I decided to continue when I returned to Lanzarote. The state of the Covid restrictions in Lanzarote, has actually given me creative freedom to do what I like in my free time and I’ve used it well.

Is there a general theme to your work or what themes particularly interest you?

Yes, I concentrate on tasteful Nude Art.

How would you describe your work?

Somehow, the uncovered and exposed human body shows more of the soul and what lies beneath all those social hidden layers of our personality. I have always been interested in the connection with photography, the body and spirituality. I am ready to bring a fresh spiritual awakening to my work using Nude Art and Body Poetry.

Is your work contemporary or traditional? 

I would say it’s a traditional medium, with my slant on the one or two of the projects I’m working on which is more contemporary.

Who are your favourite customers?

This being my first project, I am not sure yet. Although I think it’s those who are comfortable or curious about tasteful nudity and its connection with Lanzarote.

What’s your goal for your work?

My goal is generally of a spiritual nature and always to serve, it is a learning curve to others as well as to myself. To my models it offers self-confidence and healing through self-acknowledgment and self-love, a transformation. To the observer of the art, it offers a message of hope and awakening, and a deeper recognition of self. And to me it offers accomplishment of knowing that someone has healed in some way through the process.

What is your scariest/ funniest/ favourite/ worst/  moment in your work?

My work is great fun and learning to be uncomfortable wearing your own skin can also be very freeing.

What’s your favourite thing about Lanzarote? Do you use the island as inspiration?

Lanzarote is very photogenic island and it’s a photographer’s heaven. There is beauty in every hidden corner waiting to be noticed, and yes it is very inspiring. Most beautiful thing for me about Lanzarote is it’s turquoise colours, my favourite.

Where can people contact you or buy or see your work?

I’ve just published my new website where they can see and soon buy my work. I also have 2 Instagram photography accounts (mentioned above) and a Facebook page Adriyana’s Memoirs. They can also contact me directly on

Thanks for a glimpse into your world Adriyana, I look forward to seeing this exciting exhibition.

Thank you so much for the opportunity. Don’t forget 30 July to 30 August at La Galeria, in Teguise!