Artisan Interview – Viviana Bassetti

I met Viviana Basetti even before I moved to the island, many moons ago, when we were both still just visiting and exploring the posibility of making Lanzarote our home – which we both did, incidentally. Over the years I have seen Viviana work really hard to make her dream come true. This is her story.

Hi Viviana, what is is your craft?
I handcraft jewellery made of 925 silver under the brand VIVIANA BASSETTI JEWELS.

Where are you from originally?
I am Italian, born in Rome and I have studied a career as a jewellery designer since I was a teenager.

How long have you been living in Lanzarote?
I’ve been living in Lanzarote since 2010. I came here “for love”. I always say it and I like to think that your heart can take you anywhere.

What brought you her intitially and what made you stay?
My now husband (then boyfriend) came to Lanzarote for a temporary job that turned into an unmissable and more permanent opportunity. So he decided to stay. At that point I also had to make an important decision and had to choose. I arrived in Lanzarote with a 20kg suitcase where I had literally packed my whole life up to that moment. I was ready to start a new adventure … and to this day that decision has proved to be the right one!

What is what you like the most about the island?
When I arrived Lanzarote was totally unknown to me: an island with a unique landscape and a climate completely different from the Mediterranean one I was used to. I quickly fell in love with the tranquillity and beauty of this small island. I knew I could build something beautiful here.

And what would be your favourite spot in Lanzarote, then?
Without any doubt, El Golfo. I love looking at that landscape with those colours that for me are the essence of the island.

Have you always been an artisan?
In Italy I worked in a herbalist shop for more than 10 years but my passion was always making jewellery. Here in Lanzarote, after trying various jobs to learn the language and integrate myself, I decided give my real profession a go. I brought from Italy my small but precious goldsmith’s bench, made entirely by hand by artisan carpenters in my family. A unique and precious piece of its kind. Little by little I assembled what is now my (almost) complete workshop – my little world! Here in Lanzarote I have fulfill my professional dream.

What did your jewellery design studies entail?
I went to an Art High School with a specialisation in goldsmithing for 5 years. It was there that I realised that was what I do for a living. After that I specialised in investment casting and wax modelling where I also learned Autocad drawing. I loved taking classes and learning new techniques so I could express my creativity to the fullest.

Always learning, right? What inspires your designs?
My inspiration has always been Nature. In Italy I lived on the Tyrrhenian coast during my teenage years and the Sea is still the protagonist of my creations. My best-known lines currently are : ARENA (sand) – AGUA (water) – CORAL (well, ehem). Without a doubt, what motivates me most is to make customised and unique jewellery. I must confess that the piece of jewellery that excites me the most are the wedding rings. There is nothing more beautiful than designing and making the symbol of a union of love.

Finally, what do you like to do when you are not creating or selling your creations?
What I like to do, out of physical and emotional need is to for a walk to let the mind relax, and if it can be along the beach, even better.

You can follow Viviana’s creations on the various social networks:
Facebook: viviana bassetti jewel
Instagram: viviana bassetti jewel

Or even better, come and say hello the various weekly craft markets around the island. You can find her:
-on Tuesdays in Puerto Calero
-on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Marina Rubicón in Playa Blanca
-and on Sundays in Teguise, of course!

Thank you very much for your time, Viviana and I hope Lanzarote keeps inpiring to create your unique and wonderful pieces.

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