7 Mistakes To Avoid In Lanzarote

We’ve put together a list of the mistakes people most commonly make on their holiday visit to Lanzarote, in the hope we can help you avoid some or all of them!

Drinking spirits like you do back home!

We don’t have set measures for a gin and tonic or a whisky and dry – the bar person simply pours the drinks into a glass, and we’re generous by nature here in Lanzarote. It means your drink might be a treble or a quadruple measure compared to what you buy in your home country. Couple that with our low booze prices and it’s a recipe for getting legless! If you are a spirit drinker, maybe miss the odd round, or have a soft drink every now and then.

Not drinking enough water

Mistakes like this one tie in to some extent with the previous one, but the combination of drinking plenty of booze, with our high temperatures and perhaps more exercise than you’re used to, all adds up to a very real danger of dehydration. Always have water with you and keep drinking it – you’ll find bottled water available everywhere in shops and vending machines.

Not wearing good sun cream

The UV component of sunlight here is much, much stronger than in northern Europe, so even on cloudy days you’ll burn! Keep applying sun cream, make sure you buy a good quality cream, don’t forget to do your feet and wear a hat! Getting sunburnt is one of the most common mistakes here.

Wearing cheap sunglasses

For the same reason, if you wear cheap sunglasses that don’t filter the UV, you’ll end up with sore, red eyes and you could seriously damage them, so invest in a pair of quality shades with decent lenses.

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Buying fake designer goods and electrical equipment

The markets and many of the shops here sell fake designer goods, and old model or even fake cameras and accessories. If the price is too good to be true, it’s probably not the genuine article.

Ignoring beach flags

If there’s a red flag flying, it means no bathing in that area. Remember, we’re surrounded by The Atlantic Ocean, and even though most of the time swimming is perfectly safe, we do occasionally have deep rollers and rip currents reaching our shores. If the flags are flying on a beach, don’t swim – consider heading to another beach in another part of the island, it’s rare that conditions are the same all over Lanzarote.

Not getting out of a resort area

Although the island’s three main resorts offer everything you need for a great holiday, Lanzarote has much more to offer. The rural villages of the island are spectacular and a visit to Arrecife is always an interesting one for the shops, the new marina and the general bustle. Car hire is inexpensive and we have an excellent bus service.