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11 Things For Mature Couples To Do In Lanzarote

The kids have left home, and you’re still holidaying on your favourite island, so let’s say you’re a mature couple. You’ve probably done all the usual things here, often for the benefit of the youngsters, but now it’s time to enjoy your time in Lanzarote.

Here are some suggestions of things you might not have done, but should:

Hire A Car

Essential for many of the suggestions we’ve come up with, and having a car makes the more interesting places in Lanzarote so much more accessible. Car hire here is cheap – as little as €105 a week. But if you prefer something racy or roofless, the choice is vast! We can help: Lanzarote Car Hire.

Visit The Agricultural Museum

Museo Agricola El Patio is in the centre of the island. It’s the oldest farm on the island and is still worked today. It provides a wonderful snapshot of island life before tourism, and you can buy local wine there!

Have A Meal In A Sociedad

We’re big fans of the island’s sociedades, and they are perfect for mature couples. Most villages have one, and they offer fabulous home cooked food at prices you won’t believe. Be brave enough to visit one, and you will be welcomed with open arms and you’ll enjoy a culinary treat.

Visit The Cactus Garden

You might have put off visiting this attraction for years. I did – I thought it would be boring! But Manrique’s garden is a masterpiece with over 7,000 plants to look at. August and September are the best months to catch them in flower. There’s also a café there where you can buy a burger made from Tunera cactus!

Visit Tenesar

Tenesar is known locally as the “lost village.” It’s on the coast, off the main road in Tinajo. The village was pretty much cut off from the rest of the island during the volcanic eruptions, but the access was re-opened with a new road and some of the houses there are now occupied.

Enjoy A Tasting Menu

Some of Spain’s top chefs work here and visit Lanzarote regularly. They often plan tasting menus – Menus de degustacion, where you can try many small courses of their creations. Look out for them on our pages, but events are regularly held in the island’s top restaurants and hotels.

Spend A Day In Arrecife

Arrecife has so much to offer anyone mature who loves Lanzarote. Get there early and enjoy wandering the narrow streets to stumble across some really interesting shops. Have a coffee break on the 17th floor of The Arrecife Gran Hotel, then visit the new marina. Finally enjoy lunch around Charco San Ginés and then relax on the fabulous Sandy Playa El Reducto and cool off with a dip.

Go On A Wine Tour

Lanzarote’s wine making history goes back to the 1700’s. Wine cultivation here is completely different to anywhere else in the world, due to the harsh conditions, and results in some exceptional wines. You can visit the bodegas for tours and tastings yourself, or join an organised tour.

Ride The Water Taxi

The water taxi runs between Puerto del Carmen and Puerto Calero. Leave the car at one end, and walk to the other, have a coffee and cake and then jump on the boat to get back to your car.

Visit The Casino

Lanzarote’s casino is in Puerto del Carmen, and whilst it’s not in the same league as Las Vegas, it offers all the usual games along with a sophisticated atmosphere.

Get Your Kit Off!

Charco del Palo is Lanzarote’s naturist village, and welcomes mature people. It’s a charming place, right on the coast and has a lagoon style beach and a swimming area set in the coastal rocks. Nudity is the norm there, so if you like the idea of sunbathing and swimming without clothing, then pay the place a visit!

Whichever of these you choose for your next visit, have a fabulous time!

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