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What’s The Weather Like In Lanzarote In September?

We’ve been recording the actual weather in Lanzarote since 2008, so this article about the September weather is an amalgamation of that research and the recent history of the month.


Expect plenty of it in September. This is the time of year when the sky during the day turns from a very pale blue to a deeper azure. It’s a wonderful light for photography and it’s the time of year when you’ll see photo shoots all over the island.

September is our favourite month of the year weather-wise. Rarely too hot, but generally sunny and stunning.

Temperatures are generally in the range 28 to 34 degrees, and most usually in the low 30’s. It stays warm at night, although it may drop to 18 or so, which after the hot days, can seem nippy.

The sun rises at about 0645, setting again at about 2030. Sunsets can be spectacular and are best viewed from the southern end of the island, where you can watch it dipping into the ocean.

We do get some cloud during the month, but it’s usually wispy, very high and doesn’t affect your sunbathing!

The ocean is at it’s warmest of the year, and we have seen surface temperatures as high as 26, although 24 to 25 is more usual.

Rain is extremely rare.


The trade winds are starting to die down during September. We still have a useful breeze, but it’s more typically in the range 10 to 15 KMH. Some days it can be completely still, and even the ocean swell becomes barely a ripple.

Calimas are quite rare in September, although they can happen, and are usually accompanied by high temperatures and strong winds.

September is hurricane season across The Atlantic. They almost never reach The Canaries, but we can get the tail end of them as they pass north of us. So a few times over the years, we’ve had a day or two of strong wind.


September 2023 was an absolute cracker. The whole month was warm and dry, we had gorgeous blue skies, light breezes, and daytime temperatures in the low to mid 30’s, falling only to 20 degrees overnight.

The first three weeks of September 2022 was typical and pretty much perfect – hot, dry, sunny and with perfect blue skies. But it all went wrong in the last week, thanks to Tropical Storm Hermine, which brushed The Canaries. Here in Lanzarote we didn’t have any strong winds, but we did have a load of rain over three days, which was very welcome for the parched soil. On the fourth day, however, we were back to blue skies and hot sunshine.

September 2021 wasn’t the best. We seemed to have September’s weather in August, and October’s in September. It was hot and mainly sunny, but unusually, we had some cloud, and it even rained for a short time for two days in week two. Winds were generally light.

September 2020 was epic! Glorious blue skies, light winds and daytime temperatures in the mid 30’s, falling to around 20 at night. It was pretty much the perfect month for weather, which was a shame, as so few people were here due to the pandemic. The island’s long running drought continued and there are high hopes for rain soon.

September 2019 started in the usual way – wall to wall sunshine, temperatures in the 30’s, blue skies and light winds. It all went wrong on the 16th when we had some rain – very unusual for September. The drops were large, but it didn’t last long. After that things got back to normal for the rest of the month, apart from one other day with rain on the 24th. Not the best September on record.

The 2018 September weather was simply stunning. We had blue skies and sunshine all through the month, with very light winds. Every day hit the 30’s, and we had several days of 35 or more. At night we didn’t see it drop below 20 degrees at all during the month.

2017 was an unusual year in that we had several calimas and September was the hottest month of the year. In 2016, we had typical September weather – clear skies, nice temperatures and light winds.

We had rain in 2015! One heavy shower at night and one during the day.

2014 and 2013 were again typical and perfect Septembers, but in 2012 we had something very unusual for the island – thunder storms.

In 2011 we had an extended hot spell with temperatures around 37 degrees for the last week of the month.

In 2009 we caught the end of a tropical storm, so we had some heavy downpours towards the end of the month.

But overall, September is consistently fabulous, so don’t hesitate to book a holiday to the island in the month.

What you should wear

Daytime wear is the usual swimwear, shorts and t Shirts. It’s worth bringing a very light fleece to cover your shoulders in the evenings, especially if you have caught the sun. Wear a hat during the day as the UV is very high in the month.

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