Pound versus euro

What’s The Euro Rate In Lanzarote Today?

“What is pound versus Euro today?” is the most asked question on Facebook, email, or anywhere else where readers connect with us. Especially since Brexit, and with the Pound fluctuating more than ever.

There are a large number of booze / cigarette / electrical shops on the island that offer money exchange as a sideline. Most display a rate outside the shop, and then claim that’s the rate for travellers cheques, before offering a cent less for cash.

The trouble is, the market is so volatile at the moment, that the rate is changing several times a day, so it’s hard to know from day to day what the pound versus euro rate is.

And all that means we can’t keep up with the latest rate being offered in the resorts.

So here’s an easy rule of thumb that will give you a pretty good guide as to what rate is being offered at this very moment.

Check the current Interbank Rate online and subtract 2 cents.

It’s actually that simple! We check this regularly, and it’s pretty accurate. The rates for pounds versus Euro at the local shops are always around 2 cents less than the interbank rate.

Just look at the rate above, which is updated in real time, then deduct two cents from it and you’ll see the rate you’re likely to get in the little shops here.

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