Lanzarote Aquarium

A Visit To The Lanzarote Aquarium

I knew the Lanzarote aquarium was at C.C. El Trebol in Costa Teguise but I hadn’t had the opportunity to visit until recntly. There’s a lovely gift shop at the entrance and exit to the aquarium with a good range of souvenirs from pocket money price range upwards.

We descended down the stairs into the darkness and made our way to the first set of tanks, beside each one is an illuminated description of what to look for. If you want to take photos you must not use the flash so make sure you have the camera right setting before entering. There were some beautiful corals and anemone’s really brightly coloured with vibrant pink, purple, red, yellow varieties. The spiny sea urchins were fascinating waving their spines around, there were some red hermit crabs, boxer shrimps with big claws and weird looking sea cucumbers.

I liked the different styles of tanks, there were round holes to peep through at different levels too so that even toddlers could see the fish, some of the larger tanks had bench seating so that you could sit and watch the life inside. If you’re visiting the aquarium, don’t rush through, take your time to search each tank for the inhabitants listed, some of them are very good at hiding!

We found Nemo and his friend, moray eels and grouper. The bamboo sharks are cool, there was also a tank with shark eggs pinned to the glass and you could see the tiny shark moving inside.

My favourite was the seahorse tank, this had a round bubble window and the seahorses were just there right in front of you with their tails wrapped round the plants. The big central tank is fascinating, there was some really big fish in here, a huge ray was flying past the windows, we glimpsed a shark or two from time to time and schools of fish darted about.

I didn’t know that there was a shark tunnel at Lanzarote aquarium! There were a few black tipped reef sharks swimming in this tank and there is a wonderful view as they swim overhead from tank to tank as you pass through the tube. We didn’t see any divers in the tank on our visit but it is possible to dive with the sharks at this aquarium, even for novice scuba divers.

The aquarium is fascinating, there’s plenty to see and all of the tanks were in fabulous condition, I would recommend a visit but don’t speed through, take your time and enjoy the experience.

The Lanzarote Aquarium is open from 10:00 to 18:00.

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