Lanzarote daylight hours

What Time Does It Get Dark In Lanzarote?

It’s a question we’re often asked about – daylight hours in Lanzarote. We’re much closer to the equator than northern European countries, so the difference between winter months and summer months is much less marked – that means our winter days are much longer, but our summer days are shorter

We’ve selected sunrise and sunset times for key months through the year to give you a feel for the daylight hours in Lanzarote:

Mid March

In mid March, the sun rises at 0704 and sets at 1903, making the day a fraction under 12 hours long.

Mid June

In the middle of June the sun rises at 0655 and sets at 2054 making the day almost 14 hours long.

Mid September

In September the sun rises at 0739 and sets at 1959 making the day 12 hours and 20 minutes long.

Mid December

In the middle of winter the sun rises at 0740 and sets at 1759 making the day 10 hours and 18 minutes long.

As you can see, the difference between the middle of summer (14 hours) and the middle of winter (10 hours and 18 minutes) is only 3 hours and 42 minutes, so the daylight hours are pretty consistent. This compares to London where the difference between summer’s longest day (16 hours and 49 minutes) and winter’s shortest day (7 hours and 38 minutes) is over nine hours!

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