State of the island

The State Of The Island 2018

The Cabildo debated this week on “The state of the island.” This debate is based on data from ISTAC and various surveys carried out, showing the current state of play in Lanzarote in terms of population, tourism, industry and much more.

You can read the whole document, which is available for download from The Cabildo website here: El Estado de la Isla.

As always, we’ve read the document and picked out some interesting snippets for you.

These numbers focus on now versus 2009 when the “crisis,” or recession started.


  • The population has risen just over 3% to 147,023
  • Arrecife is the most populous municipality with 59,771 people and Haria the least with 4858
  • Teguise has overtaken Tias in terms of population
  • Adding tourists into equation, we have on average 204,000 on the island each day, an increase of 11.6% versus 2009
  • The number of foreign residents living on the island has fallen by almost 25% since 2009


  • The GDP of the island has risen by 9%
  • The average income by 4.6%
  • The number of companies on the island has risen by 22.4%
  • The number of people Unemployed has fallen by 28.3%


  • The crime rate has fallen by 9.2%
  • Gender violence has increased by 31.8%
  • The number of people being treated for drug addiction has increased by 4.5%


  • The number of tourists arriving through the airport has increased by 85%
  • The number arriving via cruise ships by 42%
  • The number of registered tourist beds has decreased by 1.4%
  • Occupancy has increased by 37.2%
  • The average daily spend by tourists has increased by 33.5%


  • The amount of renewable energy produced has increased by 173.55%
  • Water production is up by 12.4%, but consumption down by 1.1%
  • Garbage being dumped has increased by 6.5%

So there you have it. In summary, the last ten years have been good to Lanzarote, but there’s still plenty of work to do!

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