The Big Lanzarote Quiz – Answers

Did you miss the quiz? This page is for the answers, but if you want the quiz go here: The Big Lanzarote Quiz.

Here we go with the answers:

1/ Yé.

2/ Haria – you can visit his house.

3/ None – it was a trick question, there are no rivers or lakes here.

4/ Playa Blanca.

5/ Thursday.

6/ Charco del Palo.

7/ El Golfo.

8/ The Green Caves. Not because they are green, but after a family called Green.

9/ 151. Anything between 140 and 160 counts as correct.

10/ Brown, green or blue. The first for rural areas, the second for towns and the third for coastal villages.

11/ The Arrecife Gran Hotel. (No “D” on Gran!)

12/ Teguise.

13/ The Peseta.

14/ A red dye was made from them. Often used as a food colouring.

15/ Gofio.

16/ Fuerteventura. (You can also see Los Lobos.)

17/ San Bartolomé. (Where the airport is, so everyone has been there.)

18/ Malvasía.

19/ Las Palmas.

20/ Dolores. (Also known as Virgen de los volcanoes.)

21/ Monumento Campesino.

22/ Famara.

23/ There are no wild snakes on the island.

24/ El Grifo – it’s actually among the ten oldest wineries in all of Spain.

25/ 77KM – anything from 65 to 85 and you can give yourself a mark.

26/ Timanfaya National Park. (Timanfaya was the name of the village buried in the big eruption.)

27/ 673.55 metres, 2209 feet.  (Anywhere between 650 and 700 metres is fine.)

28/ Avenida de las Playas.

29/ Three. Puerto Calero, Marina Rubicon in Playa Blanca and Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife.

30/ 3.8Km swim, 180KM bike ride and 42KM marathon. (In miles, 2.4, 112 and 26.)

31/ Costa Teguise.

32/ Manchester.

33/ La Graciosa.

34/ Biosfera.

35/ El Charco San Ginés.

36/ Gambas al ajillo.

37/ Telamon.

38/ Churros.

39/ Museo Atlantico.

40/ Santa Barbara.

41/ 5. Las Cucharas, Playa Jablillo, Playa Ancla, Playa Bastian, Playa los Charcos.

42/ Picón. (Also sometimes known in country areas as Rofé.)

43/ Rum and coke (Cuba Libre.)

44/ Sociedades.

45/ IGIC is 7% on most things.

46/ Sub Fun Tres.

47/ Omar Sharif.

48/ Costa Teguise.

49/ Una Caña.

50/ Papas Arrugadas.

How did you do? Some of them were tough, weren’t they? Do head back to our Facebook page and tell us your score.

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