Sonidos Liquidos

Sonidos Líquidos

Sonidos Líquidos (Liquid Sounds), is a live music and gastronomy festival celebrated every year in Lanzarote, usually in June.

The event is split into two parts:
-The “Malvasía Volcánica Experience” with one concert monthly spread out over a few months, leading to the main event in the summer.

-The “Malvasía Volcánica Weekend”, usually in June, with the main event with an impressive dome stage in the wine region of La Geria and some other music acts in Arrecife.

Here’s some of the action:

Sonidos Liquidos 2021

This year things are going to be very different!

There will be four concerts, taking place during October and November, two in Lanzarote, and one each in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, as you can see from the image above.

As soon as tickets are available, we’ll post where to get them here.


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