Famara shipwreck

Rolla-1 Shipwreck in Famara

Many people know of the Telamon shipwreck on the coast by Costa Teguise, but what about the Famara shipwreck?

These days, only the very tip of Rolla-1 is visible at low tide in Famara.

The Rolla-1 ran aground off Famara on the 19th January 1982, the residents in the village of La Caleta thought there had been an explosion of some kind, when they heard the noise. Upon investigation, they were very surprised to see this merchant ship so close to the shore. The Asian ship was carrying a cargo of cement bound for Nigeria with 23 crew on board. Everyone was rescued safely and there are rumours of locals helping to unload the stricken cargo, which helped more than a few building projects in the surrounding area.

This image of the Famara shipwreck broken in two was sent in to us by a Lanzarote Information reader.

On calm days the artificial reef provided by the Rolla-1 can be viewed using Stand Up Paddle.

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