Riding An E-Bike In Lanzarote

We recently experienced riding an E-Bike for the first time, and they’re a brilliant way to get around the island!

Mike with an E-Bike

How An E-Bike Works

Don’t confuse these with electric bikes, where you press a button and they go. These are much more sophisticated – the motor assists you to pedal normally. Think of it like the power steering on your car – you still turn the wheel, but the electric motor or hydraulics make it easier for you, and that’s exactly what happens on an E-Bike. The motor senses how hard you’re working, and provides assistance to make it easier for you. It means you’re still getting exercise, but the motor is always making life easier for you. It’s especially effective when pedalling into wind or up hill. The bikes have various modes of assistance, ranging from “Eco” to “Turbo,” and as you can imagine, “turbo” mode gives you loads of help, at the expense of range. We cycled from Costa Teguise to Puerto del Carmen Old Town and back, which is about 50KM, and we still had over 30KM of range left on our return. But best of all, we didn’t need special cycling gear, and we didn’t even break a sweat on a hot day. These are perfect for people who aren’t regular cyclists – you really don’t need to be super fit to get around Lanzarote on them.


The bikes are also extremely comfortable, as they are fitted with front suspension and a suspended and well padded saddle. As well as the motor, the bikes also have either 7 or 8 gears, and powerful hydraulic brakes. The team provide you with helmets, locks and if needed a really handy saddle bag that clips on, so you can carry cameras, drinks or your beach kit. If you’re hiring a bike for a few days, they also provide a charger, which will charge the batteries up in about 4 hours.

Julie with an E-bike

You can either hire an E-Bike for your own use or go out on a guided tour.

Bike Hire

Several bike hire places in Lanzarote offer hire of E-Bikes and there are even E-Bike tours which go out from various locations around the island.

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