Cycling in Lanzarote

Cycling In Lanzarote

Cycling in Lanzarote is increasing in popularity, not just for holidays but for warm winter training sessions too. We love cycling around the island, it’s a great way to enjoy the landscape, as well as keeping fit.

Our roads are generally in excellent condition without heavy traffic, and Lanzarote offers some interesting challenges such as the 180 km Ironman course to satisfy top athletes as well as novices.

For those who prefer flat routes, the resorts all have cycle lanes on their promenades, and if you like hill climbing, there are several challenging climbs including the famous Tabayesco hill which climbs from sea level to the highest point of the island.

For mountain bike enthusiasts, there is a 205 km route signposted around the island of Lanzarote, but there are also dozens and dozens of tracks you can just take off onto, all over the island.

If you don’t want to pack your bike, then it’s easy to hire one locally there’s a great range of bikes available including professional carbon road bikes in Lanzarote, MTBs and even E-Bikes.

Most local businesses are attuned to the number of cyclists on the island, and many cafés and garages offer bike racks and sell energy gels and drinks.


Of course, the biggest attraction of cycling here is the weather – there’s almost no chance (and none at all in the summer) of being caught out by rain.

One of the biggest challenges here is the wind – the Trade Winds blow for much of the year, and while they are generally 10 to 15KMH, they can blow at 30 to 40KMH, which means progress is hard work! We’d recommend planning most circular cycle routes with the initial part heading north (into the predominant wind) and returning with the wind.


Group cycling is a great way to train, and a bit of drafting can always help when you’re into wind. Remember as a group to have consideration for other traffic – ride in a compact peloton in a large group, and switch to single file when the roads narrow.

We can arrange group cycling holidays and we work closely with the many sports hotels on the island.

Favourite routes

Here are a a couple of our favourite routes:

Arrieta to Orzola

This is a lovely, flat 30KM route with stunning scenery. Start at Arrieta Garage and cycle along the ocean front all the way to Orzola. Once you get there, stop for a refuel in one of the bars, or at the supermarket, before turning around and heading back with the wind.

Playa Blanca to El Golfo

This is volcanic cycling, in amongst the lava! Again, this is a 30KM route and is fairly flat. Ride out from Playa Blanca on the old road and then after 9KM, take the exit that goes past the salt pans of Janubio. Ride all the way into El Golfo, stop for a break and then head back the way you came.

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