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Quiz: Are You A Lanzarote Local?

Here’s a fun quiz you can use to test just how much of a Lanzarote local you are. Those of you who have been visiting the island for years will score well on this one!

You know you’re a Lanza Local if:

1/ You have flip-flop shaped white bits on your feet.

2/ Your heart rate doesn’t increase when you approach a roundabout.

3/ You say “Cobrame” instead of “La cuenta, por favor” when you want the bill in a restaurant.

4/ You plan a barbecue for next Thursday, and the weather isn’t something you even think about.

5/ You don’t bat an eyelid when you run into your best mate at carnival and he’s dressed as woman with full make up, despite not having shaved for a week.

6/ You can’t smell garlic on other people’s breath.

7/ Siestas just make sense to you.

8/ You instinctively do the “Picon shuffle,” nudging the toes of your feet down, when stepping back onto a pavement.

9/ You can no longer drink gin and tonic back home, because you can’t taste the gin.

10/ You say hello to everyone as you walk into a bank, shop or office.

11/ You wear jeans and a light fleece on March evenings, even though its still 20 degrees.

12/ Arrecife seems like a long way to go to visit Ikea.

13/ When it does rain here, you dash outside to watch it.

14/ You’ve accepted that lunch is a meal to be eaten at a table, with friends, and not a sandwich you scoff in the car, or God forbid, while walking down the street.

15/ You’ve given up styling your hair before leaving the house. After all, you’ll be swimming later.

16/ Discovering you’ve left your sunglasses at home / in the car IS the end of the world.

17/ You walk on the shady side of the street and look for tables in the shade for lunch.

18/ You realise its actually impossible to enjoy a proper Sunday lunch with friends in less than 3 hours.

19/ The beaches you like best don’t have any sunbeds on them.

20/ You don’t make the mistake of visiting Arrecife between 1PM and 5PM.

How did you score?

From 0 – 5

You’re a Lanzarote newbie, but don’t worry, you’ll soon get into the Lanza lifestyle!

From 6 – 10

Pretty good! You’ll soon be indistinguishable from the old hands!

From 11 – 15

You ARE a Lanza local!

From 16 – 20

You must have been born a Canarian in a previous life.

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