Lanzarote Recipe – Sangria

Every restaurant on the island seems to have a different Sangria recipe ranging from watery fruit juice to a “blow your head off” concoction with Cointreau thrown into the mix. And in between, there are several really excellent varieties of the drink, which has become synonymous with enjoyment in the sunshine.

Sangria isn’t a drink Canarias generally order – they’re more likely to go for Tinto Verano, which is bought in pre made bottles, but Sangria is definitely a well loved holiday drink for many visitors to Lanzarote.

Here’s our Lanzarote Information Sangria – we’re not saying it’s any better than anyone else’s, but we like it and we’ve spent a few years diligently researching to get it to our taste!

Sangria Ingredients

A bottle of red wine. Quite obviously a Spanish wine, we generally go for a full bodied wine, like a Tempranillo.

Some Cava

Fruit garnish – an apple, a lemon, an orange (all sliced) and some grapes

Some fresh mint leaves

The Juice of a lemon or lime

100ML Sugar syrup – make it by adding equal quantities of sugar and water to a pan and boiling for a few minutes. It keeps in the fridge.


Put the glasses you are going to use in the freezer an hour before serving.

Add the sliced fruit, a few mint leaves and lots of ice to a large jug.

Pour over the lemon or lime juice, the sugar syrup and then the wine.

Stir vigorously to mix and cool.

Top up with Cava and you have your Sangria!

Use the frozen glasses, wipe a lemon around the rim of each, put one ice cube and a grape into the glass and serve.

Put a wooden spoon in the jug so people can pour without getting loads of ice and fruit in their glasses.

Whoever washes up is allowed to eat the fruit.

Sit back, put your feet up, grab a good book, and enjoy!

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