Patatas Bravas isn’t really a Lanzaroteño recipe (Madrileños will tell you they invented it, but they say that about everything good!), but it is a staple tapas dish here and is a delicious accompaniment to any spicy meat, or a fabulous starter in it’s own right. Here’s the recipe:


Simply peel and cube good quality potatoes and deep fry them at 180 Centigrade until they are floating in the oil and crispy. Smother with the sauce:



3 Tablespoons of olive oil

1 Spring onion (half a small normal onion will do) minced

2 Cloves garlic minced

2 Tablespoons of Paprika

2 Teaspoons of Tabasco Sauce (1 if you don’t want it too hot)

4 Dessertspoons of tomato ketchup

4 Dessertspoons of Mayonnaise

Salt and Black Pepper

Fresh parsley

And there you have it! Patatas Bravas, sometimes also known as papas bravas.

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