Blue Lights For All Emergency Services

Until now, blue lights have been reserved for the police here in Spain, with ambulances, fire vehicles and consorcio seguridad vehicles using orange lights. As of this week, all emergency vehicles in Spain will use blue flashing lights, in order to comply with EU legislation.

Sun Beds Removed From Puerto del Carmen Beaches

It seems to happen once every few years, when the contract comes up for renewal, and sure enough, the sun beds have once again been removed from the beaches of Puerto del Carmen. This time the Ayuntamiento are citing Covid as a contributory reason, and that they are seeking an urgent meeting with Costas to get the ball rolling on a new contract.

International Driving Permit Not Needed By UK Citizens After Brexit

Spain will not initially require an international driving permit for UK drivers after Brexit. The current UK driving licence will remain valid for driving in Spain for at least the next few months.

Lanzarote Most Expensive Island

Ina  regular survey of living costs on the island, Lanzarote has topped the table of the larger islands, with an index of 104.61, compared to 95.68 for Gran Canaria. Only El Hierro is higher than Lanzarote, with 106.49. The survey is based on key items in a likely shopping basket. It was noted that fruit and vegetables are particularly expensive in Lanzarote.

Mass Screening In San Bartolomé

The Covid early detection system, which tests waste water, has indentified a possible increase in the virus in the area of San Bartolomé. As a first step, all pupils at IES San Bartolomé will be tested on Tuesday of this week.

November Visitor Numbers

Lanzarote received a total of 24,599 foreign visitors in November, a drop of nearly 50% compared to October and 87.1% compared to October 2019. UK visitors were the most numerous at around 50%, with Germany and Belgium filling second and third places.

Highest Air Traffic Since Lockdown

Sunday marked the high point in air traffic to the island since March. Ignoring inter-island flights, a total of 50 aircraft arrived from mainland Spain, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, France and Luxembourg.  Most aircraft were 50 to 60% full, although two from London were completely full.

Vaccine Arriving On 24th December

The first batch of the Coronvrius vaccine will arrive in the islands on 24th December, with vaccinations due to start on the 27th. Initially the islands will have around 54,000 doses and will start with vulnerable groups.

Playa Blanca’s New Harbour Will Open In November 2021

Despite the disruption the pandemic has caused, work has gone very well on the Playa Blanca harbour extension, and the forecast is that it will be opened in November 2021. The main work on the harbour wall is now complete, and work is underway on the terminal building and roadways.

Ryanair To Reopen Shannon Base

Ryanair will reopen their base at Shannon Airport in Ireland in April 2021, resuming flights to Lanzarote, as well as Malaga and Mallorca.

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