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Lanzarote Information Interview – Gerie B

Geraldine Barber is one of those entertainers I had heard of many times but never got around to go and see… until the EMERLAN online concert in May 2020. Her energy and versatility are hard to beat and I was immediately a fan. That’s why it’s such a pleasure for me to introduce Geraldine to you and learn together a bit more about her.

Hi Geraldine, I believe you have a stage name…
Yes, my stage name is Gerie B.

And where are you from originally, Gerie?
I’m from Widnes, Cheshire, in the UK.

How long have you lived in Lanzarote?
21 years.

That’s a long time! What brought you here in the first place?
It was a winter holiday, back on January 6th in 1999. After working the busiest Christmas period my husband and I booked a last minute holiday. Lanzarote had the worst weather for 27 years but we had a ball and fell in love with the place.

… like most people do, indeed. What do you like about the island?
I love the laid-back atmosphere, the cleanliness, The friendliness of the residents and the wonderful tourists, many of which have turned into friends over 21 years of entertaining. Without forgetting Lanzarote’s amazing scenery and beaches. People think on a small island must have seen it all but I am still discovering hidden gems!

Yes, this is something many residents and regular visitor’s experience, including myself. Do you have a favourite place?
It’s difficult to choose a favourite place as there are so many. I love Tinajo where I live but I also do love the village of Haría, especially enjoy coffee and cake in the little market square.

Tell us, what kind of entertainment do you do?
I sing music from most genres. I love to sing country and also the swing era. As long as my audience is enjoying it I am just at home doing modern pop or rock & roll, too. I invite my audience to give me requests at my live shows. That way I get to test the water for each show . Holiday audiences tend to be very mixed in age groups and tastes so the request show helps me to put a show together on the fly so to speak.

I see. Who would your idols, musically speaking?
My influences are Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Wynonna Judd in the country artists and Barbra Streisand, Céline Dion and Shirley Bassey are my big vocal idols.

Do you have any special projects coming up?
Special projects? Well, I’m afraid Covid has put paid to rehearsals with the band that we were hoping to get off the ground. But I am looking forward to my slot in the charity show for Sara’s animal charity on 15th May, Songs For Sara 2021

It was an honour to do a similar project last year in aid of EMERLAN when we had a fab time and raise lots of money for a very worthwhile charity (

Yes, I remember. In fact, that was the first time I saw you perform!
Is that right? Hopefully the Songs for Sara event will be as successful.

We can only hope so! When and where do you normally gig in Lanzarote?
Right now all of my venues are either closed or not yet able to have entertainment. However, I am hopeful (like the rest of the islands entertainers and bars) that they will come back on line soon. Nights may change slightly but I normaly work every Saturday at The Good Old Days in Puerto del Carmen. Bi-weekly Mondays at The Gloria Izaro Hotel, The Shamrock Bar in Costa Teguise every Tuesday. The other venues in Costa Teguise are not yet confirmed. If you’re hoping to catch a show it’s best to check my Facebook page  where, in the meantime, I host a life show every Sunday at 7pm. People can also make a small donation to my PayPal, if they wish to do so.

Every little helps in these uncertain times, for sure. Tell us something your fans and followers might not know about you yet…
Hmmmm something you might not know…. I have a few strings to my bow. I have made a living as a hairdresser, a Trampoline coach, a licencee, and an aroma therapist. I also have two horses and still teach a little Natural Horsmanship.

That was a few strings, alright. A woman of many talents, no doubt! Anything else you’d like to tell our readers?
I would like to do a little more collaboration with other artists and musicians.

Well guys, you have heard it first. Get in touch with Gerie if you are interested in collaborating!

And Gerie, thank you very much for your time & best of luck with all your endeavors!

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