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Lanzarote Cycle Route Timanfaya And La Geria

One of our favourite circular bike routes in Lanzarote is the loop through the Timanfaya National Park and the wine region of La Geria. We call it the cycle route Timanfaya.

The route from the centre of Yaiza is 31km long, we’ve ridden this in both directions and don’t have a favourite way round they are both equally as good.

Cycle route Timanfaya

We parked on the main road in Yaiza and took the turn signposted to Timanfaya past the small petrol station and over the roundabout to start the 6km climb up to 400m. The LZ-67 is a long straight rolling road that cuts through the lava flow, it’s not steep just a steady ascent the views are beautiful and the messages of encouragement for the Ironmen chalked into the road made us smile. Be aware of traffic, cars can pass at speed and are also prone to stopping suddenly to take photos. If you need a toilet stop, the camel train area here has services at the far end of the car park.

Once at the summit, there’s a lovely downhill section to the entrance of the Montañas del Fuego visitors centre, the road continues on through the park towards the village of Mancha Blanca. There’s another chance for toilets at the Timanfaya Visitors Centre this is a free information centre about volcanology. After 13km you reach Mancha Blanca, turn right onto the LZ-56 to Tinguaton, there’s a short steep section between the houses here that’ll have you on the pedals! This road winds between coronas, we always encounter wind here – not personally but the breeze does seem to hit you what ever direction you’re travelling. It’s a stunning road, Montaña Colorada or the blushing mountain as it’s known is on your left at km18 and La Caldera de los Cuervas  or The Ravens Boiler on your right just before the junction to the LZ-30 which is the main road through La Geria. Turn right, if you get some speed up here you’ll hardly feel the climb up to the bodegas, if you’re making a day of it you could stop for lunch at Bodega Stratvs, Bodega Rubicón or Bodega La Geria which are all located here.

Remember that climb at the beginning? Well now you can enjoy the downhill almost all the way back to your starting point from km 22.5. When you reach the roundabout at the end of the road in Uga, follow the main road right to the large roundabout on the outskirts of Yaiza, then straight ahead to access the village.

Give cycle route Timanfaya a try next time you’re on the island.

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