Dinosaurs Puerto del Carmen

Jurassic Kingdom Crazy Golf Adventure & Noodlebox

We recently had a fun night out with friends in Puerto del Carmen, which involved playing a round of crazy golf and trying the new Noodlebox restaurant in the Biosfera Plaza shopping centre.

Rooftop Entertainment, situated on the top floor of the Biosfera Plaza has some fun things to do for all the family. We’ve already tried their Starlight Open Air Cinema where you can watch a different movie every night. We enjoyed chilling out on the sofas, with our headsets on, and waiter drinks service. They also have a Cine 6D experience in the same location, where you are immersed into the adventure unfolding on screen.

Jurassic Kingdom Crazy Mini Golf Adventure Lanzarote

This time,  however we were there to play a round of crazy golf at the new Jurassic Kingdom Crazy Golf Adventure. The scenery is fantastic and in our opinion best enjoyed at night to get the full effect. There’s a volcano that erupts and dinosaurs galore lurking amongst lush vegetation.

Jurassic Kingdom Crazy Mini Golf Puerto del Carmen

A round of dinosaur themed crazy golf is great value at €5 for 12 holes. It’s quite a challenging course, some of them we managed in two shots, others took 6 attempts! We were quite a large group of adults and children, so we split into smaller teams to make our way around the course, there was lots of laughter and banter along the way.

Noodlebox Biosfera Lanzarote

It was our first Noodlebar experience, and we really like the concept, it’s so good to see something different in Lanzarote.

Basically you choose a normal or large box, then your noodles / pasta / rice to which egg and stir fry vegetables are added at €4.95.

Then you can choose your ingredients to personalise your dish including chicken, beef, duck, prawns, tofu or shiitake mushrooms & vegetables priced from €2.20 – €3.20. There are extra ingredients such as beansprouts, brocoli etc at €0.40.

Then you pick your sauce, there’s 10 to choose from including soya, black bean, sweet & sour, teriyaki, satay, black pepper, Vietnamese, Siam, curry & Malaysian.

Noodlebox Food

We tried the samosas and spicy beef starters too. Once you’ve picked your meal, it’s passed to one of the chefs, who cook it in front of you.

It’s a fresh and tasty concept, the Noodlebox has indoor and outdoor seating available, there were also a few people ordering takeaways whilst we were dining. It’s worth mentioning they also have sushi and some interesting beers. Don’t worry if you can’t use chopsticks, there is a fork provided.

The combination of crazy golf and noodles worked well, we had a fun night out doing something different in Puerto del Carmen, do give them a try on your next visit.

Read more about the Starlight Open Air Cinema.

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