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How To Eat Like A Local In Lanzarote

So you want to eat like a local when in Lanzarote? Both the times and what is eaten tends to be quite different to the pattern in northern Europe.

Although restaurants in the resorts will cater for you, If you turn up for lunch at 1200 or dinner at 1800 in a local’s restaurant, don’t be surprised if they aren’t ready for you!

Breakfast – Before 0800

Breakfast before work always involves coffee, and often is just coffee, although it may include a croissant or some churros.

Second Breakfast – Around 1100

This is when breakfast (Desayuno) really happens – mid morning, and often described as “going for coffee.” Once again, coffee will feature, but this time there will be a croissant, a pastry and / or a bocadillo (bread roll) with ham, cheese or tortilla,

Lunch – Around 1400

Normally the main meal of the day (La Comida,) and often a Menu del dia, consisting of three courses and served with wine. Lunch can easily last two hours, is always finished with more coffee, and most people then return to work for their afternoon and early evening shift.

Supper – Around 2100 to 2200

Following a large lunch, supper in the evening is usually a much smaller affair, consisting of cold meats and cheeses, or perhaps a tapa or pintxo with some wine on the way home.


Wine is almost always served with lunch, although beer is an alternative, and fizzy and still water is usually put on the table as well. Evening meals when you eat like a local tend to be accompanied by more wine, and may be finished with a Gin & Tonic, rather than started with one. Sangria? Almost never.

Here are some of our Lanzarote Recipes:

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