Foreign Population Of Lanzarote Over 20%

Residents of Lanzarote’s population born outside Spain now represent 22.2% of the total, based on figures released for 2018.

The total foreigners number 33,000. Looking at each continent:


This is the most numerous group, as you would expect, totalling 18,000:

  • 5,100 from UK
  • 3,800 Italians
  • 2,500 from Germany
  • 1,200 Romanians

South America

There are about 7,100 people from South America living on the island:

  • 2,800 from Colombia


About 5,000 Africans live here:

  • 3,700 from Morocco


A total of 2,700

  • 1600 from China


Only 12, and all of them from Australia!

By municipality, Arrecife has the most foreigners, then Tias, closely followed by Yaiza. Tinajo and Haria have the fewest.

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