Charity Corner – Bradley’s Year Long Fundraiser

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bradley Bromley back in 2020, You can read it here and I have been following him ever since. Earlier in 2023 I found out that he is doing a year long fundraiser in aid of the Little Princess Trust. This is a charity that our readers will be familiar with as we have covered another fundraiser, back in 2021, when the little Super “hair”o Sofia not also donated her hair but also raised loads of money, too. See that one here.

So yeah, you have guessed it right: Bradley will be growing his hair for 12 months and then will get it cut and donated to the charity who makes and offers free, real hair wigs to children who have lost their hair to cancer or other conditions, helping restore their confidence and identity.

I was intrigued about what motivated Bradley to come up with this. He told me that he used to do charity work every week for roughly 5 years back in England, whether it was helping out at the local youth club, teaching music or working with people who are impaired. It was a passion of his to help other people but since moving to Lanzarote he had not had the chance to do the same yet.

However, since having his little girl he wanted to set a good example, which is why he chose the Little Princess Trust who solely rely on public donations to keep themselves running. He feels there are not enough people in the world doing their bit, in his opinion, so he also wants to influence people to do better things for themselves, and for other people. And what an example this is!

Bradley already started growing his hair back in November 2022 and he is also raising funds for the charity, with a goal of €1,000. Throughout the year, when he reaches a certain money target, he will do a special personal challange. The first one already took place on the 19th of January, the “Momentum Challenge” once he hit the first €100 donated.

He climbed one of the volcanoes in Lanzarote, which took him under 3 hours. Not bad, considering he confesses he isn’t in the best shape of his life!

These are the rest of the Target Challenges set up for the rest of the year:
– “Confidence challenge” when he reaches €300
Bradley will be swimming with sharks. He admits he is terrified about it but, yet again, that’s the point. He loves snorkelling but he doesn’t go far out due to this fear. Time to change that!

-“Trust challenge” when he reaches €500
By this stage, he’s climbed a volcano and deep dived with sharks… the next step will be to sore through the sky like an eagle with one of Lanzarote’s paraglides. How he feels about it wasn’t printable, but you can imagine it. Hence the trust you have to have putting your life in someone else’s (very cable) hands.

-“Determination Challenge” when he reaches €800
For this challenge, he will get his running shoes on as he will be signing up to Lanzarote’s Marathon on the 2nd December 2023 with a distance of 42km.

Finally, when €1,000 is reached, it’ll be time to celebrate and reminisce all the amazing memories of 2023 with a fund raising event where Bradley will host a show with prizes to be won and cut his hair off by a professional so it can be sent off to the trust. The location isn’t settled yet but you can follow the progress and updates of the Fundraiser, including videos of his Target Challenges, on Bradley’s Music page:

Please note that the costs of each activity for the challenges are paid by Bradley’s own money, all donations go entirely to the charity.

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