6 Things I learnt during my trip to Lanzarote

6 Unusual foods you will find in Lanzarote

We think everyone should try the local dishes whilst on holiday so we have highlighted 6 unusual foods in Lanzarote Gofio Gofio is a milled grain that is similar to wholegrain flour and it has been a staple part of the Canarian diet for thousands of years and many children are still weaned on it. …

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What makes Lanzarote different from the other Canary Islands?

The Canary Islands are a popular holiday destination choice but what makes Lanzarote different from the other Canary Islands? The visionary Cesar Manrique Cesar Manrique lobbied successfully to ensure that Lanzarote was not subject to numerous high rise buildings and that the exterior of the buildings are painted with traditional colours, white walls and green…

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Girl playing on the beach

Is Lanzarote child friendly?

Is Lanzarote child friendly? We are often asked this, so we have highlighted some of the areas that make Lanzarote a fabulous choice for any family holiday! Flight duration With flight durations from the UK, Ireland and Germany all only being around 4 hours Lanzarote is a great choice for a family holiday. If you…

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Canaries Superbug – The Facts

UK newspapers have been running a story about a Canaries “Superbug” over the last few days. As always, not content with simply reporting the facts, they have used dramatic headlines like “Holidaymakers warned of superbug danger,” and phrases like “A health warning has been issued to British holidaymakers travelling to The Canary Islands after the…

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News in brief

Lanzarote News In Brief – Week 27

Thomas Cook Flight Passengers Suffer In Lanzarote 300 passengers on a Thomas Cook flight that was stuck in Lanzarote with a technical problem endured a three hour wait without air conditioning and a strong smell of fuel in the aircraft. They were eventually disembarked after one passenger suffered a fit and another passed out. They…

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Public Holidays

Public Holidays In Lanzarote

These are the public holidays in Lanzarote for 2019. These are all-island holidays, in addition to these, there are “local” holidays by municipality, which we will publish when they are available. Note that for 2019, several of the holidays fall on a Sunday, so the public holiday has had it’s date moved to reflect that.…

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