Canary Islands tourist tax

Canary Islands Tourist Tax

Currently, there is no Canary Islands Tourist Tax.

From time to time British newspapers get worked up and write articles suggesting the implementation of a Canary Islands tourist tax, similar to the one enacted in The Balearics in July 2016.

A tourist tax is an additional payment made once you get to your destination and is paid in local currency. It’s not included in the holiday cost, so for example, if you book a holiday to Mallorca, you will be billed separately at your hotel for an additional €2 per person, per night. It’s common to many destinations – you’ll pay a tourist tax in most of the US, German cities and all of Greece.

The idea behind that tax is that it ensures additional income for the destination to go towards the cost of providing services for tourists, and in some cases towards investment in environmental provisions.

The Canary Islands

There is currently no plan to introduce a Canary Islands Tourist Tax. One of the opposition parties has called for one to be introduced, specifically requesting that it be used for “environmental reasons.”

But it isn’t being discussed seriously currently, there isn’t a working party looking into the viability of it, and it doesn’t form part of the government’s manifesto.

So you can relax for now, as there won’t be a Canary Islands tourist tax anytime soon.

We’ll keep this article updated if and when anything changes.

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