Bodega Vulcano

Bodega Vulcano de Lanzarote

Bodega Vulcano de Lanzarote is a boutique winery situated in the centre of Tías.

Vulcano is fairly new to the wine industry, however this family have a passion for Lanzarote wine and a desire to shake things up a bit! It’s unusual to find a bodega in an urban location, their stylish boutique winery can be found just off the Avenida Central in the heart of Tías. We met Nereida last week during our annual bodega hopping trip to taste the new wines of Lanzarote, where we had an opportunity to ask some questions about their winery.

We discovered that the family all live in and around the municipality of Tías, which is why it was important to locate their bodega in their local area. The family started producing wine in 2009, in their first year they produced 7,000 bottles of wine, this year Bodega Vulcano have produced 100,000 bottles. At first the family wanted to play it safe, producing typical wines that Lanzaroteños liked to drink, then they started developing their own style and taste.

In 2015 Vulcano’s project was to open their boutique style shop and their latest project is a new bottle, designed exclusively for them in Italy. The new bottle has the volcano outline etched into the neck of the bottle and their name around the base. The name Vulcano may seem fairly obvious why it was chosen as it translates to volcano, but it is actually an anagram of the family’s names.

Bodega Vulcano market themselves as producing “wines with soul & identity”, one of the things that they do it to hide a message on their corks. These messages include love, friendship and success, the idea behind it was to give the wine waiter some personality when presenting the wine, as sometimes they can be a bit staid! Something else that makes Vulcano different is that the winery have two fermentations a year, so that their wines are fresh and ready to drink all year round. The bodega keeps half of the must refrigerated after the first fermentation in September / October until April, when they begin bottling again.

Bodega Vulcano produce a range of five wines in Lanzarote:

Malvasía Volcánica Seco

A dry white wine made 100% from Malvasía Volcánica the current stock is a limited edition, it was harvested in 2014 and bottled in April 2015, it’s a perfect wine to enjoy this Christmas. Ideal served with fresh fish, sushi, cheese and paella. 12% alcohol content.

Color: Attractive pale, clean and bright yellow. Carbon content observed and luminosity

Aromas: Pleasant fruity and floral aroma, with white flowers (jasmin & manzanilla) after agitating

Taste: Good structure in the mouth, fresh, balanced acidity, you can appreciate the white flowers and fruit. Long and persistent.

Malvasía Volcánica Semidulce

This medium sweet white wine is made from 10% Moscatel de Alejandría and 90% Malvasía Volcánica. Ideal as an aperitif served with light snacks, seafood and semi cured cheeses. 12% alcohol content.

Color: Attractive pale yellow in colour with golden highlights, clean and bright

Aromas: Elegant aromas with a good intensity, mainly white flowers reminiscent of chamomile, fennel with citrus fruits like lemon & grapefruit

Taste: Fresh and well balanced, the wine is satiny with the aromatic characteristics already described. Good longevity and pleasantly seductive


A young rosé made from 100% Listán Negra. Ideal accompaniment to fish, white meat, rice and pasta. 13% alcohol content.

Colour: Vibrant red, luminous and intense

Aromas: Good intensity with distinctive red fruits

Taste: A fresh wine with likeable characteristics, predominantly raspberries


A young red made from 100% Listán Negra. Food pairing with red meat and mature cheese. 13% alcohol content.

Colour: A deep ruby red, with violet notes, clean and brilliant

Aromas: Elegant and aromatic with the predominant aroma of mulberries

Taste: Round and balanced with delicate tannins

Vulcano Dolce

A sweet dessert white wine produced from 100% Moscatel de Alejandría. Serve with desserts and cheeses. 15% alcohol content.

Colour: A beautiful amber / old gold colour, brilliant and clear with nice tears

Aromas: An aromatic honey like wine with sweet notes of candied fruit, jasmine, figs and hints of cinnamon & almonds

Taste: Velvety and fresh, very well balanced, the end result is dry with a feeling of fullness and long lasting

This coming year is one of consolidation, the family have made no secret of their rapid expansion and its time to reap the rewards from the last six years of hard work.

You can buy their wine directly from the bodega in Tías, they also offer a delivery service island wide in Lanzarote if you want to order by telephone or online with them. Their wine is made to drink predominantly in the Canary Islands, they have a distributor on the mainland in Valencia for export to Europe.


Bodega Vulcano can be found on Calle Victor Fernández Gopar nº 5 in Tías, Lanzarote.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11:00 – 16:00

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