Wine Tours Lanzarote – Single Use Plastic Initiative

The team at Wines Tours Lanzarote are all surfers, so they obviously have a real interest in preserving our wonderful oceans.

For some time they’ve been concerned about the small plastic water bottles they have always given free of charge to clients on their tours, and they have now announced they are going to stop using them altogether.

In future, clients will be asked to bring their own water bottles – ideally reusable ones, and they can be topped up from a large container carried on their mini buses.

As well as reducing the plastic in the world, this initiative will save the company money, which they are going to donate to two ocean clean up and awareness charities on a monthly basis – The Ocean Clean up, which is a project to clean up the infamous Pacific Garbage Patch, and Plastic Oceans, which seeks to raise awareness of the issue globally.

All the staff at Wine Tours Lanzarote are also taking part in regular beach clean ups on the island, and they’re urging readers to get involved, but also to take responsibility for their own plastics consumption using some or all of these ideas:

  • Don’t buy plastic bags at the supermarkets – but reusable ones
  • Stop using disposable razors
  • Give up chewing gum
  • Recycle all the plastic you have to use.

You can read more about the Wine Tours’ initiative and get more tips for reducing plastic waste at their website: Wine Tours Charity.