Essential Baby Information For Travelling To Lanzarote

We are often asked what brands and prices are available when shopping for babies food and milk in Lanzarote, so here is the info! We can’t compare the prices to the UK so you will have to decide whether to pack supplies in your suitcase for your holiday, or buy on arrival.


There were 3 main brands of nappies available from newborn to toddler that included Dodot, Huggies and Moltex. The packs were from €15 to €20 depending on the size, prices were an average of 0.20 cents per nappy.

You can also buy the little swimmers range from Huggies for in the swimming pool. Also available is a full range of baby wipes including Johnsons baby (& shampoo).


The tins of powdered babies milk were available in all stages with the following brands:

Nestle Nidina
Milupa Aptamil

Prices ranged from €13-16 euros per tin.


Boxes of dry cereal were available by Nestle, Hero and Milupa, the flavours were plain, with fruit or chocolate and priced at just over €3 per box


There was a good selection of baby food in jars available, brands by Nestle, Beech Nut and Hero. Lots of pureed fruit and pudding options. Prices were just over a Euro for 250g bottle or €1.20 for 2 x 130g jars.

What I couldn’t see was any savoury food in either cereal or jars so if your little one likes something particular, bring it with you. I’m not sure I understand why there isn’t any available, maybe the local mums all prepare mashed or blended homemade food?!

There are a number of companies offering baby equipment hire such as travel cots, buggies, car seats, stair gates etc so don’t feel like you have to bring it all with you, you can travel lighter if you want to.

Baby section Lidl Arrecife March 2016

Lidl in Arrecife have a small selection of baby supplies, they mainly stock Hero baby jars & dried cereals, Puleva milk and Toujours nappies.

Mercadona Baby Food April 2016 dz Mercadona Baby Section April 2016 dz


Mercadona in Arrecife have a larger baby section, stocking Nestle & Hero ready made baby foods and dried cereals, Puleva, Nestle and Hero baby milk; and Dodot & Pañales nappies. Plus a range of baby bottles, dummies and other accessories.

Tops tips for shopping in Lanzarote.

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