Pollo Asado El Mercado Lanzarote

Asadero de Pollos, The Great Spanish Take Away

You must call in to one of the Asadero de Pollos in Lanzarote if you get the chance, you won’t have tasted better chicken or believe the portions and prices. The local Asadero is the equivalent to our Fish and Chip shops in the UK. There is generally one in each Spanish town and well placed so that you can pull up in a car to grab your take away (para llevar).

It’s worth mentioning to ask for a pollo pronounced po-yo (definitely not a po-ya) in Spanish as that would be rude!

Our favourite has to be our local in Haría called El Mercado situated inside the Mercado Municipal de Abastos, it’s 2 minutes walk from our house and is a popular daytime tapas restaurant too.

You can buy a whole spit roast chicken with potato wedges for €6, or a half portion for €3. The taste is amazing, they are basted with a secret salsa which is like a combination of chicken gravy and green mojo sauce whilst cooking, so you need to like garlic!

Mercado Municipal de Abastos Haria

If you’re visiting Haría, seek out the Mercado Municipal de Abastos which is open Tuesda to Saturday from 09:00 to 16:00. There’s a lovely collection of local food stalls in this building.

Look for an asadero de pollos on your travels next time you are visiting Lanzarote, they are generally open for lunch, rather than dinner in the evening.

Here’s a few other suggestions where you can buy pollos asados in Lanzarote:

Asadero de Pollos Guenia, Av. Garafía, 62 (near the Jardin de Cactus) in Guatiza

Asadero El Cruce, on the main LZ-20 road (between the surf shop and sports shop Más Deportes). We love the chicken breast in breadcumbs (pechuga empanada) from this one.

Baya Baya on the main road between San Bartolomé and Tinajo – Carretera Arrecife Tinajo 16.

We promise that this experience is finger lickin’ good! If you’ve found a good chicken shack in Lanzarote let us know and we’ll add it to our list.

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