We decided to get a young person’s view on Lanzarote’s original Aquapark , so here’s a guest post from Lucy.

So on my day off this week, me and a team of expert fun havers (my mum and a friend of my age) decided to venture into the Aquapark at Costa Teguise.

Now the last time I’d stepped into this park I was 15 and although that was a good 7 years ago the park doesn’t seem to have changed. This may seem like a good thing in some aspects as last time holds great memories but the place also seemed sad.

An Afternoon At The Aquapark

The Aquapark

Let’s start from the beginning. The entry price is quite steep, we arrived at half past two and it closes at six, we were not offered a discount and got charged the standard 15€ for resident and our friend, a tourist 22.50€. We took this in our stride and ready for fun went in search of slides…

The slides haven’t changed much since our last visit but have been well maintained, sadly this isn’t something you’re able to say about the whole park. The place has an abandoned feel to it and we joked that it would make an amazing setting for a zombie walk, fair enough we are past summer and it was a tad cloudy that afternoon so it didn’t help the parks image.

Personally we had a fantastic time, tried out all the various slides and discovered “the doughnut secrets” and tips to make the rides even more fun. The only thing we found quite disappointing were the staff, we all know hours are long but it dampened the atmosphere when met with sulky faces around the attractions. When spoke to directly and pushed a little they seemed friendly enough, it was just a shame that you had to encourage something that should be mandatory. Customer service is something that can make or break a place and personally I’d want staff with a bit more punch to be greeting my clients with a smile.

An Afternoon At The Aquapark

To enjoy your day out in this Aquapark I think the most important thing is your attitude and your sense of fun. Don’t judge the park by its paintwork and go and throw yourselves down the slides with abandon! There is a little something for everyone of all ages and plenty of sun loungers so if you fancy a change after days at the beach then it’s worth spending half a day screaming down the slides!

Our favourite slides were the Río Loco (11) for which we’ll give you a top tip!!: there’s lots of fun to be had spinning around on these if you tuck your feet up on top of the rubber ring and bounce off the sides of the ride!! The other toboggan rides were good too, Turbolancha (14) is a double one so you can descent with a friend, and any solo friends can ride the Aqualancha (15) at the same time to race down. We also discovered two new slides that aren’t featured on the waterpark map, these are the red and blue vertical ones accessed off the same staircase as the double doughnut slide and what we can only describe as a space hole one (16) where you are spat out of a dark tube to slide around the bowl like a 10p coin in a charity box (you know, the old ones with the swirly patterns in…) and then you are dropped into a pool underneath!

An Afternoon At The Aquapark

Now of the two unmarked slides: red is the highest with a vertical section at the top, the blue lulls you into a false sense of security before going vertical! Both are definitely bikini bottom wedgie rides! The two secret slides on this staircase leave you skimming pool marked no 7 that gives you the perfect access to our next slide and my personal favourite. We had a laugh on the Espiral (8) this is a bit tricky to get into and you descend in complete darkness but we loved it for it’s speed an the fact it can make even grown men let out a scream! Next to the Espiral you can find one of the original bad boy slides Toboganes (10)  that are great for a race between two as the slides are the same length but different curves ending side by side, simply great fun that you can’t go on just once as I’ve found every visit (no matter my age!!). The front facing carpet rides on the Multipistas (13) were also great fun once you work out how to launch yourself. (Butt in air, elbows on mat and wiggle into position!)

An Afternoon At The Aquapark

The red and purple slides are for adults of a heights 1.2m and 1.4m respectively. Yellow markers are specifically for children and green for everyone.

You can prebook your tickets for the Aquapark in Costa Teguise below, taxis from Costa Teguise are free and bus transfers from Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca cost €4.

Having tried the biggest and original water park, our mission is now to try the newer, smaller parks in comparison… Bring on the fun!

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