7 Places To Propose In Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a romantic place – it’s a fabulous place to get married, many people celebrate their anniversaries here, and of course, it’s a wonderful place to propose to your loved one. There’s nothing like the combination of a fantastic sunset and a couple of cocktails to provide the perfect moment to pop the question.

Here are 7 places you could do just that!

At El Golfo at sunset

The best sunsets on the island are at El Golfo, and the restaurants there serve delicious fresh fish. So enjoy a fabulous meal, and get the ring out just before the bill arrives!

At The Mirador del Rio

One of the world’s great views across to La Graciosa, with an open air platform cut into the cliffs. Wait for a quiet moment, taking in the view, before asking the big question.

Propose On a secluded beach

It’s never hard to find a beach with nobody on it in Lanzarote – Caleton Blanco, Playa la Concha, the far end of Famara or the secret beach in Orzola are all perfect, and the sand is even good for getting down on one knee!

At Los Hervideros

In the south of the island, you’ll find Los Hervideros, a stretch of rocky coastline, where the waves crash ashore and shoot up through blowholes. It’s an amazing place to watch nature in action, and there’s even a little balcony over the sea where you can do the deed.

On the top floor of the Gran Hotel Arrecife

It’s Lanzarote’s only high rise building, so the views from the top floor restaurant at the Gran are amazing – you look across Lanzarote, you can see the airport and Puerto del Carmen clearly, and as the sun goes down, the lights of the island start to twinkle!

On a boat

You could do a  private charter, or join the Catlanza platinum cruise if you don’t mind an audience when you propose. You could even go one step further and have your ceremony on Catlanza’s private charter boat!

During the flight over

How about ordering some Champagne and popping the question on the way to Lanzarote? You’ll probably be cheered by 180 other people excited about their arrival on the island!

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