You won’t find many Canarians drinking Sangria, or “large beers” as drinks on your travels around the islands, but here are some drinks you will hear being ordered:

Café con hielo

Quite literally, this is coffee with ice, and it’s surprisingly refreshing on a hot day. Your coffee will be a strong black coffee, and will be brought to the table in a cup, together with a glass full of ice. You simply add sugar and stir, if you take it, and then pour the coffee over the ice, wait a moment or two and enjoy it!


While we’re talking coffee, a carajillo is a coffee, again usually black, with a tiny snifter of spirit in it – normally brandy, but Licor 43, whiskey and even rum can be used.

Clara con Limón

This is a refreshing shandy, but instead of being made with 7UP or clear lemonade, it’s made with Fanta limón, so it looks cloudy but tastes delicious!

Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre is THE drink at carnival time here, and consists of golden rum, lime juice and cola. You can’t help dancing to the beat after a couple of these!


I said at the top that Canarians rarely drink large beers – the small beer, or caña is the drink of choice, so that the beer doesn’t get warm while you’re supping it. But the other drink you’ll hear ordered all the time in local bars is a “Botellin” which is the very small 25cl size bottled beer, over here usually a Tropical or Dorada.

So, next time you have drinks in Lanzarote, try one of these!

But if prefer a Sangría, here’s our recipe: Lanzarote Sangría.