Update 27th July 2020. In an unexpected move, the UK government has decided today that The Canaries are now an unsafe destination for travel for their citizens, and with immediate effect, they advise against all travel to Spain including The Canary Islands.

The UK government announced on Saturday night, with effect from midnight, that mainland Spain would be removed from the list of countries it is safe to travel to for their citizens, and that UK citizens returning home from Spain must self isolate for 14 days on their return.

The Canary Islands, including Lanzarote, are exempt from the travel advice, but not from the 14 day self isolation requirement.

Anybody travelling to UK from any part of Spain, including those already on holiday here, must undergo the self isolation when they return.

The Canarian government is holding urgent talks with counterparts in UK and the Spanish Ambassador, pointing out that the infection rate in The Canary Islands is much lower than both the mainland and the UK, and asking for the decision regarding self isolation to be reconsidered in relation to the islands.

This are the current facts and we will update here as soon as anything changes.


The wording of this new ruling was changed several times over the course of a few hours on the FCO website last night. It has clearly not been thought through. To mark The Canaries as “safe to travel to,” while requiring anyone coming back to self isolate for two weeks,  is a nonsense.

If the islands are “safe to travel to,” then there’s no need for self isolation.

The current Covid infection rate in the islands is 5.8 per 100,000 people – the UK’s rate is currently around three times higher.

Tens of thousands of tourists already on holiday have been affected by this decision, and hundreds of thousands, with holidays booked for the next few months, will now have to consider whether they are able to take a further two weeks to self isolate on their return. This will have a devastating effect on a European travel industry already in desperate trouble.

Update 27th July 2020. The UK government’s decision to now mark The Canaries as “Not safe for travel” is the latest in a long line of dubious and frankly ridiculous choices made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s advisors. During the whole pandemic, Lanzarote has had 6 deaths from Coronavirus, versus the United Kingdom’s 460 in the last 7 days alone. The ONLY case of Coronavirus brought to Lanzarote by a tourist since lockdown began was from a British visitor, and yet their government has decided Lanzarote is not a safe destination for its citizens to travel to.

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