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What’s The Weather Like In February In Lanzarote?

Here’s our summary of the key points about the February weather in Lanzarote. This is based on us recording the actual weather on the island since 2009, so it’s more accurate than the standard “weather averages” that most holiday brochures give you.


The sun rises at a little after 7AM and sets just before 7PM, so you can expect 12 hours of daylight in February. You’re quite likely to get cloudy days during the month – usually 7 to 10 days of cloud, but when you do get blue skies, they are an incredible colour! Rain is fairly common during the month, expect 3 or 4 days of rain, but we don’t have drizzly rain here, we get short, heavy showers, which pass over quickly.


Over the years, we’ve found February to be the coolest month of the year, but that equates to a normal summer’s day in northern Europe. Typically daytime temperatures are in the range 20 to 24 degrees, but they can fall at night as low as 10 degrees, although 15 to 17 is more normal. Ocean temperatures are as low as we get here – around 18 or 19 degrees, which is like Bournemouth beach in mid summer!


it can be a windy month, typically with winds blowing from 10 to 25 KMH. The wind is normally in the North / North west area, and can be cooling, especially at night. It’s when the wind kicks into North east or even east, that we get rain.


2024 started very well. For the first three weeks, we enjoyed very high temperatures for the time of year – mid to high 20’s, and it rarely fell below 16 at night. We had a series of light calimas, but many days of fabulous blue skies too. But in the last week of the month, we endured several days of really strong winds of up to 70KMH, accompanied by really big waves, which cooled the island down considerably. There was very little rain, and the drought continued.

2023 was a poor one and we had all kinds of weather, including hail, a small tornado and a fair amount of rain. Apart from a calima, which lead to flight diversions, the rest of the month was also unusually cool and cloudy.

2022 was all over the place! We had a series of calimas, which ran one into the other for the first three week’s of the month. This meant unusually high temperatures, in the high 20’s, but also lots of Saharan dust in the air. The cycle was finally broken right at the end of the month, with some heavy rain, followed by strong winds.

2021 was a fairly typical February. We had a few showers early in the month, and then settled into a long spell of lovely sunny, blue sky weather, with very little wind. There was a calima towards the end of the month, and we saw high temperatures – up to 29 degrees – for a few days. It wasn’t as bad as the previous years, and there were only a couple of flight diversions. The month ended with settled, sunny weather.

2020 Surpassed the previous year and was epic! We had incredible, uninterrupted sunshine for the first three weeks. Day after day of mid 20’s, swimming in the ocean, and chilling with a drink in the evening. Both anecdotally, and when checking records, the warmest February ever. But, we did also have a massive calima – the worst we can remember in 20 years on the 23rd and 24th of the month. It was bad enough to shut all Canaries airports and stop all outdoor events. Temperatures hit 30 degrees. Fortunately, it cleared quickly and we got back to blue skies and sunshine.

2019 was the best February anyone can remember. We did have a couple of days of showers, but other than that, it was pretty much wall to wall sunshine, and unusually high temperatures – at times 30 degrees. We had two, two day calimas in the month, but they were not too dusty.

We have calimas quite often in February – where Saharan distilled and hot air is blown over the island. They are always warm, which is nice, but dusty! We had claims in this month in 2014, 2013, 2010 and 2009. We also suffered big storms, with strong winds in 2015 and 2010. We had lots of rain in 2016, but none in 2011, where it was over 22 degrees every day of the month.

In short, February can be hit and miss, but you have to take it into context – our worst is usually better than most country’s best! And of course, we have the carnival spirit to brighten up the dull days.

February 2018 was a bad month. It was unusually cold for Lanzarote and we had a fair bit of rain, on perhaps 12 days of the month. We also had two quite big storms in succession towards the end of the month, which caused disruption at the airport, with planes having to divert to other islands.

What Should you Wear?

On most days, beach wear is fine, with shorts and flip flops. On some days, you might want a light fleece, especially if you’re going to Teguise market, and at night, we’d suggest trousers and a couple of layers.

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Other Months

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