We Have To Stop The Graffiti From Ruining Lanzarote

I have become increasingly concerned at the amount of graffiti which is slowly but surely ruining the island. All of Cesar Manrique’s efforts to prevent high-rise building here, the rules that govern our continuing status as a Biosphere reserve, and the vast sums of money being spent to renovate older parts of the resorts are completely wasted while this blight continues to appear all over the place. I even spotted some on the huge volcanic rocks which back onto Play Grande – there for centuries, and now ruined for ever in a moment of stupidity.

The drive into Costa Teguise from the airport consists of derelict buildings covered from top to bottom in graffiti. What must people arriving to the resort for the first time think, as they gaze out of the coach windows?

Its not even as if much of it is artistic or interesting. Most of it is just a mindless squiggle, sprayed on by talentless idiots.

I became quite depressed earlier this week, when I initially came to the conclusion that there’s nothing we can do about the situation. Short of having the world’s biggest police force, or CCTV cameras all over the place, I couldn’t think of other ways of catching the morons while they skulk about in the dead of night.

But then it dawned on me that there are actually a few things that can be done:

Shop Owners

Just stop selling cans of paint to anyone under the age of 21, unless they bring a parent with them. A pain for a 20 year old who genuinely wants to respray his motorbike, but tough!

If we could just stop spray cans and giant marker pens getting into the hands of graffiti “artists” we would solve the bulk of the problem overnight.


While you’re checking out your teenager’s bedroom for drugs or cigarettes (you know you do) look out for graffiti evidence. If you see marker pens or spray cans of paint, just bin them.


If you know someone who gets their kicks from ruining walls and buildings, then tell them to stop! We all have to live with what they do, and perhaps a little peer pressure will make them see sense.

We have to shift everyone’s minds about graffiti. It really isn’t art, in fact we shouldn’t even call it graffiti, its vandalism. Nothing more and nothing less.

We have to find a way to stop it in Lanzarote.