Free Launch Event in Costa Teguise – May 12th

Walking football takes places every Thursday the Aqua Centre in Costa Teguise from 6.30PM until 8.30PM.

For May 2022, there are two changes, both 18th and 25th May, the event will take place on the Wednesday at the same time.

Walking Football was born in Chesterfield, England back in 2011 – and has since expanded rapidly in both the UK and abroad. Thanks in no small part to a Barclays Bank TV advert, which first really brought the game to naIonal aXenIon in 2013.

Walking Football is proving especially popular in Southern Spain – where organised leagues are now springing up.

Walking Football aids both physical and mental health and is viewed as a parIcularly effecIve means of fostering and improving social and community contact – especially a[er the pandemic and amongst potenIally more isolated groups, such as ex-pats and those aged 50 years plus.

The organisers aim to establish regular weekly matches across Lanzarote. To parIcipate in the launch event, or in future matches, simply contact the organisers.

Whatsapp +44 (0)7551 053974

Website: Walking Football Lanzarote