Vegan Supper Club – Esquina Teguise

Esquina is the vegan cafeteria across the road from Cantina, and under the same ownership. Esquina is open from 1000 until 1600 daily, and as well as being a plant based Café, its an arts and crafts studio.

We attended their first ever Supper Club, with some friends, and it’s possible they will follow up with more of these events in the future.

Esquina is in what was Teguise’s old ferretería, or hardware store, and many of the original features have been retained during the careful modernisation.

The idea behind the supper club is to give a taste of plant based food, and there was a set menu of sushi style dishes, but using only plant based products.

We were given a glass of Saki when we arrived, and we were seated in the centre of the restaurant, which quickly filled up.

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The set menu started with a bowl of delicious Edamame beans and then included six different dishes, using rolls of sushi rice as the base, and each with a different and very distinctive flavour, served beautifully presented on banana leaves. They included mushrooms with black garlic, strawberry membrillo, avocado, carrot mayo and pitaya fruit and one made with cream cheese & avocado with beetroot mayo and another with sweet potato, tofu panko & hoisin.

Each was delicious, bursting with flavour, and worked perfectly with the light soya sauce on the tables. There were some fabulous flower garnishes and even a dish served under a glass cover with smoke. We had plenty to eat and all four of us enjoyed the dishes and the interesting combinations.

The dessert was also very special – a take on cherry bakewell, with pistachio, fresh cherries and coconut tart. Plus tiffin with chocolate, biscuit, dates, almonds, peanut butter and apricots.

I finished with espresso coffee and Julie enjoyed a Chai Tea. We washed our meal down with Soco wine wine from Femés, and one of our friends tried Cantina’s own brew of beer.

As an introduction to a full plant based menu, it was a real triumph, and we’ll certainly visit again when they run another supper club, or perhaps drop in during the day for a quick bite.

Esquina is at Calle Leon y Castillo 10, in La Villa de Teguise and you can find out more at the Cantina Website.

Disclosure. We don’t normally do reviews for discounted meals – we prefer to pay the full bill and write an honest review. In this case, we were asked to provide feedback to help the ream understand what worked and what didn’t, which we did, and in return we were given a discount on our bill, which we split with our friends.