“Bocata” is the Spanish slang for “bocadillo” and “butty” would the be the closest in English. In this gastronomic proposal they actually range from sandwiches, rolls to even burger buns!

The principle of the tour is simple: “bocatas” priced between €3.50 and €5, including at least one ingredients produced locally, will be offered during these days in different establishments around the municipality of Tinajo. The idea behind it is to promote both the establishments and the local produce in the area.

Every time you try one of them, you get your voting card stamped. You need to try at least 3 of the 9 “bocatas” offered to be able to choose your favourite. Your card will not only elect this year’s winner but will also be your entry to the draw for a trip to Fuerteventura for two people, including the ferry ticket, car and accommodation.

Don’t forget to get you card stamped and bon appetit!



The Tinajo Town hall has announced the fourth edition of their “Tinajo Bocata Tour” for 2019. It will take place between the 1st and the 19th of May.

These are this year’s participating establishments and their “bocata” proposals:

1/. Bar Tapas El Quemao
Calle El Quemao, 5 in La Santa
From 9h to 22h. Closed on Mondays.
Bocadillo La Santa: Fish* from La Santa with red or green mojo, lettuce, tomato and egg, grilled. (€4.50)

2/. Bar El Barquillo
Calle Recalmón, 22 in La Santa
From 10h to 22 horas. Closed on Tuesdays.
Bocadillo CaliPapa: Squid with fried potatoes *, peppers* and mayonnaise. (€5)

3/. Bistro Bar Yemaya
Avenida El Marinero, 16 in La Santa
From 18h to 00h. Closed on Mondays.
Hamburguesa Yemaya: 100% beef burger, cheddar cheese, rocket*, tomato*, onion* and sauce of the house (mayonnaise, mustard and dried tomato). (€5)

4/. Bar Teleclub El Cuchillo
Calle El Cuchillo, without number
From 18h to 22:30h. From Wednesday to Sunday.
Hamburguesa El Cuchillo: Veal burger with onion* and bacon wrap, ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato* and a special sauce (mango, curry, ketchup and garlic mayonnaise. Served with fries. (€5)

5/. Bar Cafetería La Sociedad
Calle La Montañeta, without number
From 18h to 00h. Closed on Mondays.
Bocadillo El Mingaso II: Beef and chicken burger with lettuce*, poached onion*, cheddar cheese, salami and special sauce of the house. (€4.50)

6/. Cervecería Malpeis
Plaza San Roque, 3 in Tinajo
Tuesday to Friday from 11h to 15h y and 18 to 22h. Saturdays from 12h to 16h.
Bocadillo Bock-cadillo: Burger bun with braised cheeks, caramelised onion with a reduction of Rofe black beer* (bock style), Filo del Cuchillo goat cheese* and piquillo peppers. (€5)

7/. Bar La Luchada
Avenida de Los Volvanes, 43 in Tinajo
From 6h to 15h. Closed on Sundays.
Bocadillo La Luchada: Chicken stir-fry, egg, pepper and onion, grilled Filo El Cuchillo fresh cheese* and mayonnaise. Served with fries with tuna and cheese. (€5)

8/. Restaurante Tinguatón
Calle Tinguatón, 24 in Mancha Blanca
From 13h to 23h from Tuesday to Sunday, but please note that the Bocata Tour will only be served from Tuesday to Friday.
Hamburguesa Tinguatón: Veal burger, lettuce, tomato*, Filo El Chuchillo fried cheese*, palm honey, caramelised onion and roasted peppers. (€5)

9/. Bar C.S.C Yacomar La Vegueta
Calle Palacio, without number in La Vegueta
From 17h to 00h. Saturdays and Sundays from 12h to 00h.
Bocadillo de la huerta: Serrano ham, piquillo peppers, tomato* and olive oil. (€3.50)

* Local Produce

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