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The spectacular building known as the Palacio de Spínola in La Villa de Teguise was converted to the Casa Museo del Timple, or Timple Museum, in English.

The house was originally built by José Feo Peraza from 1730 – 1780 and was first mentioned as a property of the Spínola family in 1895. The local council bought the property in 1984 where it became the official Lanzarote residence for the Canarian Government. The Casa Museo del Timple was officially opened by the President, Paulino Rivero in March 2011.

Timple Museum
Timple museum

We visited the Timple Museum during our Historical City Tour of Teguise, it’s situated right in the centre of the old capital, opposite the landmark church of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in the Plaza de la Constitución. We think the building is worthy of a visit when in the old capital even if you’re not into music, the house has some wonderful traditional features with water filters, stone floors, wooden ceilings and a beautiful courtyard area.

The interior of the rooms are a stark contrast to the white exterior walls, painted deep red and chocolate brown it took our eyes a moment to adjust after the brightness of the day outside.

There were three rooms with timple displays and information, we particularly liked the Timple de Caja de Puros that had been made by a craftsman called Alejo in Tenerife from a box of Churchill cigars!

We spent some time gazing into the old kitchen area with a big stone fireplace and open beamed roof.

The dining room windows were interesting too, each window had shutters and a water filter planted with ferns inset into the recess providing plenty of cool drinking water.

The courtyard is lovely, quaint and again full of interesting features, we could imagine that a concert held here would be intimate and special. There is a replica of the two lion statues from the Plaza waiting to surprise you out here.

The Sala de Reuniones just off the entrance is still used for weddings and important council meetings.

In all honesty, it won’t take up much of your time to visit the Casa Museo del Timple and if you don’t appreciate traditional buildings or music then it’s not for you. We enjoyed exploring this old house of Lanzarote, it’s open to the public everyday, Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm, Sunday and fiestas 9am to 3pm.

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