The Spoon In Concrete

Update July 2023. Sadly, someone has dug up the spoon in concrete, but two local builders put another one in it’s place, so you can still look for it,

I am not too sure how and when I first came across “The Spoon In Concrete” the first time. It could have been by someone posting on Facebook that they had found it. Somewhere it was described as the smallest (& free!) outdoor museum in the world. It intrigued me. I looked it up. I had to laugh.

There is very little information on how it all started, whether the spoon was planted there on purpose or it’s a random fault from the ground tiles factory. I didn’t find much about how it all became a “thing” either but, believe it or not, “The Spoon in Concrete” has its very own Trip Advisor page now!!! See it here.  In fact it’s currently ranked as number 12 of things to do in Playa Blanca!!!

Although the recommended duration of more than 3 hours, that seems a bit excessive to me. It probably includes the actual search time. Because once you find it, there is only so long you can stare at a spoon half buried on a slap of pebble-studded concrete. Maybe it’s because I was lucky enough to find it quickly enough, about 45 minutes, I’d say. Other people claim it took them days. Other people never found it.

It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 which is pretty good. And nobody qualifies the activity as poor or terrible. The vast majority says it’s excellent. It is described as an activity for family, friends and couples, which seems to cover pretty much everyone. Lone travelers, do not get discouraged. This is for you too as long as you like spoons. And concrete.

How did I go about it finding it? Because I DID find it, I’m weirdly proud to say. The day came when I fancied a leisurely stroll by the sea front but in a different spot than my usual scenery as I live in Puerto del Carmen. Then it came to mind: let’s go to Playa Blanca and look for “The Spoon in Concrete”!!!

Well, in preparation for it I checked Trip Advisor again, chuckled again at some of the reviews. Seriously, some of them are hilarious. I have included a selection of them below for your benefit. I looked up the photos provided there and tried to memorise every detail: the concrete tile’s size and pattern, the position of the spoon in relation to the corners of the tile, the size of the spoon, the amount of spoon being exposed… Oh yeah, if I was going searching for the Cutlery Grail of Lanzarote, I was going to be thorough.

My friend and I arrived at Playa Blanca. I won’t disclose where we parked to keep the location a secret as much as possible. We set out to look for it. Well, mainly me. My friend kept looking at me and giggling like I was a lunatic. I was dismayed to see that the pattern of the tiles on the ground was different to the ones on the photos I had seen… Would “The Spoon in Concrete” have disappeared with the partial renovations of the Playa Blanca promenade? Oh no!

Also, I felt like a prize idiot staring at the ground, scanning left to right, right to left as we progressed on our path. “Are you having fun yet?” my friend said, teasing me. I started to feel like I was never going to find it, plus I was missing out of enjoying the sea views. But in all fairness, it wasn’t my first time in Playa Blanca and I had seen those views plenty of times.

Anyway, at one point, I looked up and something told me I was getting closer to it (again, can’t give any more details without spoiling it for other people). Surely enough, a few more steps and there it was.

Pretty much what I expected: a partially buried metal spool on the floor. I started jumping up & down with joy! “Let’s take a picture!”. Of course, it is customary to take a picture when you find it, especially the “one with the shoes” where everybody that has found it with you points at the spoon with your feet, framing it, and take a photo of it while standing. Or the one pointing at it with your finger. I had seen other ones, people laying on the ground with their face next to it… When you find it, go for it, be creative!

“It doesn’t take much to make you happy, does it?” My amused friend said. No, it doesn’t, I thought, when a sense of accomplishment washed over me. In any case it’s a bit of harmless fun. Something different. A laugh. Well, if you have a sense of humor, of course.

Happy “Spoon in Concrete” hunting, everyone!!!

Some TripAdvisor reviews:
Mo D – written 1st November, 2020
Best part of the trip (…) So happy to have found it.

davispaul – written 12th September, 2020
Cutlery corner
We just had to find this place ,knowing how famous it was , we walked the seafront with a metal detector determined to find the spoon . Well after several hours picking up false teeth a metal leg and a very startled seagull ,we found it right by the #### .so happy now and able to return home fulfilled .

Andy S – written 13th March, 2020
Found it
Good bit of fun but not that hard to find just follow the guide in trip advisor kept the mrs entertained looking for it

Julie H – written 16th February, 2020
We did it! Entertaining & fun challenge whilst walking along the lovely promenade in Playa Blanca. It is free and unique.

Gillian S – written 10th February, 2020
Best tourist attraction ever
Similar to the Fountain of Youth, this treasure was well worth the cost of a round trip plane ticket from America.

THE TRAVELLER – written 9th February, 20202
Sad or what ? Lol.
Never mind the spoon- we found the knife and fork too ! The challenge is now on ! A harmless bit of fun.

Jamster74 – written 6th January, 2020
The legend lives on.
Legend has it that when the one true heir of Cesare Manrique comes upon the spoon it shall rise forth from the concrete and bestow upon them unimaginable power. They shall rise to become The Ruler of All the Isles and their reign of peace and love shall last for a thousand years.
Turned out it’s not me.

Dad_Of_One_2010 – written 16th November, 2019
We found it on a spoontaneous visit

Eccles2010 – written 15th October, 2019
What can I say that hasn’t already been said about the spoon?!?!? When we eventually spotted it after minutes of scouring the promenade while other holidaymakers ambled by happily ignoring us, we were overcome with joy. We now know how Newton must have felt when that apple fell on his head and what emotions went through Archimedes’ noggin when he plonked himself in that bath all those years ago. Please take time to look for it yourselves and you won’t be disappointed. You can keep your forks in the road; Lanzarote has the spoon in the concrete!!!! We’ll be back next year to see it.

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